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Nepali students on F1 Visa-Conversation between Visa Officer and students.

F1 visa experience
F1 visa experience
Here are two F1 visa interview experiences from Nepal shared by two students who recently attended visa interview. The first F1 visa interview experience of Srisa Shrestha who was rejected at first but was approved at her second attempt is an interesting experience. The second experience of Sakar Rijal who was interviewing for PHD in Biomedical Engineering teaches us to stay calm and confident and answer questions like you mean it, not just like you are remembering stuff.

Experience 1:
-US Embassy in Nepal
-Bachelor's in Bio-Chemistry

F1 Visa interview experience of Srisa Shrestha

I will start my experience with my family background.Maybe Yestai case kasaiko Cha Bhane help hola Ki. So, My eldest brother is in US since 2008 doing his masters degree. My parents do have a 5 years B1/B2 visa and I visited United States 4 years back. But in my last interview I was rejected saying I don't seem to have any intention to depart US after my studies.

So, it was about 7:45 in the morning when I reached embassy and biometrics bhairakhda Ni VO Haru chai Aaunu bhako thena. there were about 16 applicants in front of me and the interview started and yellow paper tannai diirathyo, so ko chai nervous hudaina hola ra? Bistarai mero turn aayo and I was infront of counter no 6. There was an African American VO (jasle chai line ma basda eso Herya thyo Ani Maile Ni herethye Ani ma hasdya thye and he smiled back ) Okay the interview begins:

VO: Good Morning! 
Me: Good Morning sir. How are you doing?

VO: I am doing great. Please pass me your i20, transcript and passport.
Me: Here you go sir(handed my documents)

VO: So, you've been here before? 
Me: Yes sir. I was here last month, on May 17th

VO: (yesai passport paltayo thyakka Mero visa stamp bhako page parecha) oh! ma'am you've been to US before? 
Me: Yes sir. I went to US 4 years back.

VO: For what reason? 
Me: I visited states to attend my brother's convocation sir.

VO: okay, you have your brother in US? What is he doing? 
Me: He is doing his graduate degree.

VO: In which state is he studying ? 
Me: Sir, Texas.
VO: okay..where did you graduate your high school from ? 
Me: sir, from st.xaviers college, maitighar.

VO: How did you get to know about this university? 
Me: (told that I got to know about the university from college board and USEF)

VO: So what made you choose this major? 
Me: Sir, I was inclined towards the genetic disordered diseases since my early childhood since I lost my maternal grandfather who was diagnosed cancer at his 4th stage when the treatment was almost impossible. So from that particular time I really felt that delayed diagnosis and the traditional techniques used for the diagnosis is the major problem faced in Nepal . So Pursuing biochemistry as my major I want to work for the (interrupted)

VO: Okay okay. So who is going to sponsor you for your studies ? 
Me: Sir my family will be sponsoring me.
VO: Can you give some details ? 
Me: sure sir. My dad is a lecturer of mechanical engineering in Pulchowk engineering college, and my mom runs a boutique shop in my hometown. Similarly, my elder brother is a civil engineer who might also sponsor me if necessary.

VO: wait where does your dad work ? Is it in Nepal? 
Me: yes sir . Pulchowk engineering college is in lalitpur 
(I don't remember him asking about total income hai)
VO: Ok ma'am....Khai k bhanyo tala herdai k golo golo gare jasari boldai thyo.. Mata Feri k ma golo layo bhaneko Ta VO ko signature Nai duita golo combine gare jasto raicha ani malai passport diyo sign gareko part dekhne gari .
So I have issued you an f1 visa. Congratulations have a good day bhanyo 
Mata khusi bhaisake thye Khai last ma namaste garera, Thankyou so much sir. Have a great day bhanera hiney 
Visa lagdaina bhanera $200 Ni lagethena Ani Feri had to wait for my dad , tespachi paisa lagera counter no 11 ko line base Ani Sakyo .

Experience 2:
-US Embassy in Nepal
-PhD in Biomedical engineering

F1 Visa interview experience of Sakar Rijal

Interview Time: 27th July, 1 pm
Counter number: 10
VO was about 40-50 years old man. He rejected an undergraduate student before me. I Waited for my turn until he called me.

Me: Good afternoon sir. How are you doing today?
VO: I am doing good. Pass me your documents.
( looking at my transcript)
Which course are you going to pursue and where?
Me: I am going for PhD in biomedical Engineering program at UTA sir.
VO: So this is your Master's transcript?
Me: No, sir it's bachelors degree transcript.
VO: So they have selected you for PhD without master's, that's great.So which research project will you be working on at UTA?
Me: I tried to explain project as much as possible but in between I fumbled a lot, and spoke things that doesn't even makes any sense( but with confidence).
(Then there was silence for about 1 minute; VO was continuously typing). Then he signed my passport and told me to pay reciprocity fee( I didn't hear it properly). I asked him if my visa was approved as I was expecting a green slip..
VO: Yes, young man your Visa is approved. Have a nice stay at US.
Me:Thank u sir.

Just stay calm and confidence and answer questions like you mean it, not just like you are remembering stuff.

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