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F1 visa interview experience-Rejected Experiences.

These are some of the rejected F1 visa interview experiences from Nepal.

Experience 1:
Date :3rd June
Scholarship:$9 k
Interview goes like this;
Counter no.10

Me: Namaste sir (with smile)
V.O: Namaste! Pass me your documents.
Me:Here it is sir.
V.O:Why Chemistry?
Me:Sir, I want to pursue my career as a Pharmacist but i want to start from the beginning so i selected chemistry as my major.Inside chemistry i want to specialize in organic chemistry (interrupted)
V.O:How are you going to pay?
Me:Well,my parents are going to sponsor me.
V.O:What do they do?
Me:TOLD(sappai sunyo)
V.O:What is your plan after your graduation?
Me:Sir,After completing my graduation I will work to advance the concept of manufacturing of drug(interrupted)
V.O:Sorry boy you aren't qualify for F-1 Visa (vanyo ani Yellow paper diyera 2 no. ma golo laediyo ani you can try for 2nd time vanyo)


Experience 2:
Visa interview date: June 6 2019
Graduated in bachelor of science in agriculture in 2016. 
Got full time research assistant-ship from university of Idaho for studying master of science in agricultural entomology with full funding and stipend every month.

Time : 1:20 P.M 
V.O(medium height, white, neither too slim nor too fat, might have worn specs I don’t remember(might be jonathan)): Namaste.

Me: Namaste sir 
V.O: pass me your documents.
I passed.
V.O: how did you find this university?
Me: I searched for the universities which match my research interest. Since I looked for universities which offer research programs in integrated pest management ..
V.O: how did you get to know about this university? I am not asking about your academic interests. Seems like you have memorized and reciting.
Me: Okay. There are my seniors passed from my university studying in this university so through them I got to know about this university.
Pause for a little time.. me speechless.
V.O: what are your plans after graduation?
Me: sir after completion of my graduation, I am planning to return back to Nepal and work as a research scientist of entomology under Nepal agricultural research council. I want to do research specially in integrated pest management since my specialization in msc will be about it. I specially want to do research in invention of innovative and smart techniques of controlling the harmful insects. ..interrupted
V.O: I don’t understand about your actual plans. I don’t think you intend to return back to Nepal. sorry mam I can’t give you visa this time.
Reasons of rejection: 1: no intend to be a student in the US. 2: no intend to depart US after graduation.

Experience 3:
Counter number: 06
Hollins University 
C.O.A: <10  K including personal expense and tickets 
Scholarship: $50 K per year

V.O: Namaste mam. Pass me your passport i -20 and transcript
Me: Here it is sir. 
V.O: So why hollins?
Me: well, starting with the liberal arts there at hollins (interrupted)
V.O: liberal arts... which major?
Me: sir, i want to specialize in Gender and women studies.
V.O: why? You won’t get any jobs after this. What are your plans after graduation?
Me: sir, my ultimate goal is to set up a non government organization here in Nepal which aims to promote women rights and women empowerment because Nepal is one of those countries (interrupted)
V.O: I don't want to know about Nepal. I want to know about you. Why do you want to go to USA taking this major?
Me: I want to go there because I’ll have an idea about how social organization work in US through internship opportunities provided by hollins, so I’ll have better management ideas as well...
V.O: typing..
V.O: you have got the huge amount of scholarship mam
Me: yes sir.

V.O: But i am sorry. You don't intend to come back and he handed me the yellow paper (circles number 2, no intent of returning)

Experience 4:
Status: rejected 
(this post is not in Q/A format cuz I dont remember all Q/A that way😂i don't remember how it was asked either)
University :U.T.A 
Major: physics
Scholarship: 4 K + waiver
C.O.A :21.5 k
SAT: 1340(not asked)
TOEFL: 100 (not asked)
A levels grades: math A, physics B, chemistry B, biology D
V.O: young girl (curly hair vaneko tei hola I guess)
After passing transcript, i-20 and passport, she directly asked me about my sibling brother. (he is already in the US for 3 yrs) where is he? How is his study? How much should your parents fund him? And so on.. Like that... it was like a natural conversation..i was frank.. and during one of such questions, i also mentioned he is doing on-campus job..i think this is where i made a mistake..
she asked about my other sibling too.. (who is in hongkong and working)..i just said he is in hongkong and is working..
She asked me whether he is a student.. i replied no..
(it was quite a long interview and she was continuously typing, thinking, and then asking me)
She asked about my sponsors. I told my parents earn 44-45 k annually mentioning all the sources clearly.
When She asked about how much should my parents contribute for my brother? I told around 10 K, that was all. ( PS: these  F1 visa interview questions, i mentioned are not in order that were asked and i might have forgotten some other minor questions because she was typing, taking time, thinking and asking me whose answer would just be 2-3 words mostly. I hope you got what i am trying to explain in this post)
She gave me a yellow paper with circles in no. 2 and 3.. 
she said:"unfortunately, you don't qualify for a visa right now.. I suggest you do something here for 1-2 yrs and then apply"
as soon as i saw no. 2 circled..
Me : "you didn't even ask me about my major or plans and judged i don't intend to return.".!!
She replied (with laugh) ,"Okay, Okay tell me"
(If she had asked about all these earlier then it would have been different. I would link all the answer and speak with energy but i already had yellow paper in hand..with no. 3 circled as well..
anyways i told my plans to her not the best i could because i was feeling bad about that laugh while answering..(ek tira visa nalagya tanab arko tira tesko hasai..). she said: " I respect your plans, but i cannot issue you a visa right now.."
It was like it didn't even matter whatever i say..she was not interested..and i already had yellow paper..

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