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F1 visa interview experiences in Nepal-Conversation between applicants and Visa Officer (V.O).

f1 visa interview experience
f1 visa interview experience
This is the F1 visa interview experience of Sadikshya Basnet from Nepal. 
Visa interview 
Accepted (1st attempt) 
Friday - 14th June 2019 ( golden day for me )
Time : 8:40 am 
Oakland university, Michigan 
Counter no : 9
V.O : The handsome black V.O ( god bless him)
CO..A- Research assistant-ship ( full funding)

Was damn nervous at first, but the moment I entered inside and started with all the formality, I was like ( hoina maile pauchu, I know my capacity and capability)

There were some younger girls standing next to me in the line , nervous as hell and I tried to console them and tried to encourage them and in that process the same V.O and I were having a lot of eye contact. I smiled and stood in a good posture.

V.O : In Nepali so k garna USA jadai hunuhuncha?

Sadikshya : To Pursue my Masters in Information technology management ( Computer science)

V.O : What did you do for a year after your graduation?

Sadikshya : I worked as a networking and data warehousing engineer in Mindtree limited, Bangalore.

V.O: Describe your nature of work in that organization.

Sadikshya: Explained in short and sweet sentence( I worked as data warehousing engineer and supported a lot of multi national client in that organization ) much better diction and sentence formation thiyo tya chai.

VO: Were your clients from India? ( where you worked)

Sadikshya : No I worked in India but my clients weren’t confined only within India my clients were from USA , Galway( Ireland), New Zealand and Australia.

V.O: who is going to fund your remaining fees?
Sadikshya: My parents are my sponsors , Primarily my father who is an advocate and notary public will be funding for the remaining fees.

V.O: What does your mother do?

Sadikshya : She is a lecturer of psychiatry in purbanchal university

V.O: Do your parents stay in India and how long were you there?

Sadikshya: No they stay here however I stayed in India for 7 years for my studies and jobs.

V.O: Do you have any siblings?

Sadikshya: yes I have a younger sister 
V.O: what does she do?
Sadikshya: She is a dentist and practicing in Birgunj.

V.O: Congrats you qualify for the F-1 visa

Sadikshya : Thanks a ton and god bless you.

Then I started involuntarily dancing ( tyo yes wala hand gesture banayera) money pay garna gaye( don’t do that though once you qualify for the visa ) 😂😂

What I understood is that they thoroughly see what you have done after your graduation and how genuinely you want to pursue what you are aiming for and how have you prepared yourself for the same while you were enrolled for your undergrad or high school education.

Do not despair, be original and say what you genuinely want to do . Do not pretend because that’s not you.

I want to thank a lot of people 
Sajak Upadhyaya who helped me a lot with my queries starting from day one of my application.
Keshab Bhattarai who also helped me a lot .
Starting from the GRE preparation days .
And this group for all sort of help.
All the best to the upcoming applicants 
Give your best

This is an F1 visa interview experience of Sankhar Neupane fron Nepal.
Visa Approved
SAT: 1440(not asked) 
Major: Actuarial Science and Economics(2 majors)
A-levels : A A A B b 
Family funds in I-20: 10,500$

I went inside.. I was a little nervous at the beginning but after my interview started, I was able to answer all the questions properly...
Counter no. 8(Jhonathon V.O)

Me: Good morning sir ( it was already 1:40 lol) 
V.O: Hello.. which university have you chosen?
Me: Washburn university sir.
V.O: How did you know about the university?
Me: Sir, I went to a USEF session where I met the admissions officer Mr. Andrew Vogel....(interrupted)
V.O: So what is it about Andy that attracted you?
Me: No, sir. I was attracted by the good Actuarial science course over there. Also, they have given me a full tuition scholarship that will help me a lot...( interrupted)
V.O: Living expenses still count, boy. Who is gonna pay them?
Me: told
V.O: So, what are your future plans?
Me: Sir, I plan to work as an actuary under Nepal Insurance Regulatory Board. The board values graduates coming out from the US board highly. Moreover, there are more than 35 financial institutions in Nepal, and the number is expected to grow as the government stability is maintained and proper investments are added.
V.O: Okay, I trust you. I'm issuing your visa. Go and pay 200$ in counter no 11. Say hi to Andy from my side 😬😬😬
Me: Thank you very much sir.

It's quite a nerve wrecking experience.. but if you have the right intention and right credentials, you will get though it easily 

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