Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Northern Kentucky University- F1 Visa Interview Experience from Nepal.

This is a student (F1) visa interview experience of Ashmita K.C from Nepal. She was rejected at first but was accepted next time.
F1 visa interview


Northern Kentucky University

Major: Computer and Information Science

Scholarship: $15000

C.O.A: $4,500 + $ 10,000

Status: Rejected

1st attempt was on 30th April, 2019

Nindra nalagera rati nai 1 baje byujheko thiye ani yeta uta gardai base. kati bela bihana hola ra ma Embassy pugam jasto vako thiyo. And it was my birthday on 30th April. Sab rituals haru pura garera takka rato tika lagayera (dashainma jastai) Embassy gaye. Mero interview chai 8:10 am ko thiyo ma chai 7:30am tira Embassy puge. Ani mero nervousness ko level ta badera 100 ma pugyo ekaichoti Embassy ma line basda. Sab procedure (Biometric, passport scanning) haru sakkiyo ani interview ko line ma base. Mero chai interview counter no. 8 ma thiyo, there was a preety lady with black short curls. Then, here starts my interview.

V.O: Namaste, Good morning.

Me: (Nervousness le garda reply pani garina maile.) 不不

V.O: Please, pass me your i 20, passport and transcript.

Me: Here you go, sir. ( jhukera sir vandexu 不不)

V.O: (Mero i 20 heryo) How many other universities did you apply beside N.K.U?

(First question nai sunena maile ani najik gayera sorry sir vandexu ani feri repeat garo question.)

Me: Mam, other than N.K.U I applied to 8 universities. UTA, U.L.M, Bethany Lutheran College, Coe College, The College of Wooster, (bichama ta ekxin soche ani feri vane) Auburn University at Montgomery, Lindenwood University, Hollins University.

VO: (Sab dhyan deyera sunirako thiyo) Oh! 8?

Me: Yes, mam.

V.O; Were you accepted to all the universities that you applied to?

Me: Yes, mam because I applied to all the universities according to my academic level.

V.O: Great. Okay tell me your future plan?

Me: Mam, After graduation I want to work at National Innovation Center which is lead by Dr. Mahabir Pun who is also a graduate from U.S. There I will get colleague like me which will help me to carry out my project. ( My mistake ma k vayera kam garxu ani kasto project carry garxu mention garena). Also, I will get a chance to sharpen my knowledge and skill there. And later on gaining some experience I want to open my own company. ( Malai chai CS sodxa ani ma mention garxu vaneko ta reject gardiyo).

V.O: ( ekxin mero mukh ma twalla heryo ) and then sorry I can't issue a visa.

Ani ma yellow paper liyera niske I felt so bad at that moment. 1 ra 2 ma golo laideko thiyo.

2nd attempt was on 28 May, 2019.

Status: Approved

Aja chai ma majja sutexu bihana 4 baje byujhey ani 7 baje tira Embassy gaye. Sabbai procedure sakera interview ko line ma base.

Counter no.6 ma mero interview vayo with tall hancy V.O. He was in his mid 30's.

V.O: Good morning, pass me your i 20, transcript and passport.

Me: (Gm ko baal nai nade documents haru deye.)

V.O: Oh! Computer and Information Science. It's a huge program.

Me: Yes, sir.

V.O: Why this major?

Me: Well, sir I want to be a computer sorry sorry Cyber Security Analyst. Ani maile ta sir I am so nervous vandexu.

V.O: I know it happens. Don't worry with a big laugh.Okay, What do you want to do with this major?

Me: Sir, I want to work in top IT companies here in Nepal, most of the IT companies are doing very good business. There are a lot of software developer but the number of security analyst is very low so I want to be the one sir. (Ani tespachi yad garera gako ky aako thiyena dimag ma k k ayo tei vandey. V.O ta makkha parirako mero ans sunera).

V.O: (transcript heryo ani) You have studies Computer in 11th standard? ( makkha pareko thiyo, V.O lai k tha Nepal ko 11ko computer kasto hunxa vanera dherai marks nai tesaima aauxa sabko).

Me: Yes, sir.

V.O: Very good. Which other universities did you apply to?

Me: Sabko name vandeye.

VO: Did you recently filled D.V?

Me; (DV ta sune tara haina hola yo question vanera feri confirm huna sorry sir vane. V.O le repeat garyo.) No sir. with a huge laugh.

V.O: What about your parents?

Me: Aaile ta jhan thulo sor le hasera NO sir.

V.O: Okay let me check.

Me: Okay sir.( Maile D.V ta varya thene so ma dhukka nai thiye yo question ma)

V.O: Oh! It was not you.

I laughed.

V.O: Have you done any course related to CS?

Me; No, sir but I have done online course name udemy it is about programming. (Yo chai guff ho hae) 不不

V.O: Computer ma k k type garyo for 1 min ani passport nikerala sign garyo. Okay, girl I am issuing a visa go to counter no. 11 and pay $200 vanyo.

Tips: Lie with confidences and take your luck with you.

Thank you everyone who helped me after my rejection. And I encourage all the rejected student to try again. Thank you Aryan Shrestha, Row Sun, Gaurav Thapa, Rozna Khadka, Suzata Khatri, Prajina Bastakoti, Ann Nuu dee, Sushanta Manandhar, Laxman Sir, Rajan Shrestha, GunJan Gurung and specially my family. 

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