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F1 Visa interview Experience from Nepal-Kent State University.

f1 visa interview experience
Visa Experience
Status: Approved
Kent State University
Major: Biotechnology
Family Funds for C.O.A(according to I 20): 26 K
Reached the Embassy at around 7:45.
Then entered the gate. Ani usual formality and checking vaihalyo. 
Line ma basda sab ko answers sunirako thyo. Ani yellow paper paayeko applicants dekhera I was damn scared. And a friend said, "tyo reject vako haru ma focus nagara. Reciprocal fee tirdai gareko haru lai hera." 
That thought gave me the confidence.
Ani V.O haru le elderly aama haru lai questions sodheko ekdum cute laageko thyo.😂 That Nepali accent.
So I got the counter number 7. The one with African American man. From the Visa Info Session the day before, I knew that he was a cheerful person. So, felt quite relieved to be in that counter because I knew that it would be a light atmosphere around him.
The conversation goes like this.
Me: Good morning, Sir. 
V.O: Pass me your I 20 and transcript. 
Me: Here you go. 
V.O: So, why do you want to study biotechnology? 
Me: Umm... I want to specialize in plant biotechnology. Do you know what Cordyceps are? 
V.O: (after a pause) Yeah...?
Me: So you should know that they are found in Himalayas of Nepal. They have great medicinal value and China is the biggest importer of this species. Due to this, they have high economic value as well.(interrupted...)
(Due to high economic value, there have been over-harvesting of this species. We are loosing an important asset for the country's economy just because we aren't able to conserve them well enough. It was my dream since I was a kid, to work for their conservation. So biotechnology would give me the base for that plan.... vanna laagya thiye)
V.O:(interrupted) *said something I didn't understand.
Me: Sir, let me explain.
V.O: I don't want to listen about cordyceps and China. 
Me: Please sir.
V.O: (again said something like "No" I don't remember exactly)
Me: Ah okay then. (I annoyed this man. Now RIP my VISA😭😭. Vanne laagirathyo.)
V.O: What do you want to do after you graduate?
Me: I want to work as (biological technician... vanna laagya thiye. Tongue slip vayera "plant technician vanexu. I don't know if that term even exists. 😂lol) plant technician in Manaslu Conservation Area which runs under National Trust for Nature Conservation and it receives annual fund of about 2 million dollars every year(yo chai guff ho haii😂). It has been working for the conservation since last 20 years. And it focuses on aromatic and herbal species of Himalayan region, INCLUDING cordyceps. (I was stressed on this part) And you can sense my interest in cordyceps. So yeah, this is my Vision for the future.

V.O: Who is going to fund for your education?
ME: Well, my parents are gonna do that. We own two family business (and explained it).(euta guff nai thiyo) So altogether, we get around $42,000 annually.
V.O: Okay, you qualify for the Visa. You can pay your fees now.
Me: Am I getting that green paper?(I was confused)
He laughed. 😶
Rabindra helped me the most during this journey. Right from preparing for SAT to the very end. Eliza and her creative suggestions worked for my confidence. I annoyed Shashwat dai with all the common app and university shortlisting stuffs and he helped. Bishad had no idea how to help but still gave me all the suggestions he could.😂 and NimeshShruti, and whoever took my mock interview, huge thanks to all of you. And nothing could have happened without this USVNS family. Thank you everyone.
Honestly, what I say is, Focus on what you have to say. Believe that the plan you're going to say is your biggest goal and you really want to achieve it. If you can convince yourself that, you can convince the V.O. I don't know if I maintained eye contact, or spoke loudly. I was not focusing on that part at all. All I had in my mind was, "I won't let this man reject my Visa just because I couldn't tell him whatever I had planned. I'll force him to listen even if he doesn't want to."
And that's all.

Take interview as a debate. In fact in this debate, your opponent(the V.O) also wants you to win until you give him a reason otherwise.
Best of luck everyone. Don't lose hope

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