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F1 Visa interview Experience from Nepal- Accepted at second attempt in Nepal

Hello everyone, this post is about a  USA visa interview experience.This story of Ankit Jha is really inspiring and worth reading, as he was rejected at first and got his F1 visa at second attempt.
visa experience
F1 visa experience
First attempt (May 10,2019): Rejected

Second attempt (May 17,2019): Approved

1st Attempt

Time: 8:00 a.m

Counter no.7


Major: Computer Science

University: U.T.A

Scholarship: instate + $8000

S.L.C: 3.85, +2 : 3.72

Me: Good morning Sir!

V.O: Good morning. Pass me your i 20, transcript and passport.

Me: Here you go!

V.O: which university?

Me: University of Texas at Arlington

V.O: How many universities did you apply to?

Me: Besides U.T.A I applied to 8 more universities.

V.O: Name me your top three universities you got accepted from.

Me: Sir my top three accepted universities are Purdue university, University of Mississippi and U.T.A.

V.O: So why did you choose U.T.A?

Me: Sir, first of all I got selected by the honors college so I will have better interaction with the professors due to small class size and an opportunity to do honors designated courses. (He stared at me once. I felt he didn't believe me) and then I have an opportunity of research with professor Ming Li who is conducting… (interrupted)

V.O: Oh boy, everyone talks about professors. I don't believe you.( I heard this clearly)

Me: Sir actually I do have the document to prove it. Should I pass it to you?(This is where I made the mistake. I should have told 'printout of email' instead of 'document').

V.O: No! This interview is not about documents.( He said something else too, I don't exactly remember) What is your plan after graduation?

Me: Sir, I want to work in the field of education. So, after my graduation I will work at OPEN LEARNING EXCHANGE NEPAL where.. (interrupted)

(Actually he didn't want to listen to me. surumai wrong impression paryo)

V.O: Who are your sponsors?

Me: Sir, my parents.

V.O: What do they do and how much do they earn.

Me: Told.

Then he took out the yellow paper and circled on 1 and 2. I wasn't shocked. surumai wrong impression ra tesmathi JONATHAN! haha!

2nd attempt

Time: 8:50 a.m

Counter no.8

V.O:- African-American


Me: Good morning sir!

V.O: Good morning. i 20, transcript and passport please.

Me: Here you go!

(silence. He was busy typing. So I thought I should speak up myself).

Sir this is my second attempt and I know the reason why I was rejected. Should I tell you?

V.O: Go on!

Me: Sir, on my first attempt when I told the V.O that I had research opportunity with my professor, he didn't believe me. He thought my answer was fabricated. So this time I have brought the printout of her last email in which she has mentioned about the research opportunity she'd provide me in my second year. Shall I pass it?

V.O: No, it's okay (was busy typing)

Me: Sir and I felt when I told him about honors college…(interrupted)

V.O: boy let me take your interview.

(I wanted to clarify everything I could)😅

V.O: (looking at my i 20) So why CS?

Me: Sir, I want to become a software developer and work in the field of education. So, majoring in computer science will give me skills in analyzing computer applications requirements and designing web applications. Along with this, I will gain skills in analytical thinking and problem solving skills which will make be able to think about the best way to execute projects.

V.O: So, what's your plan after graduation? (looked at my CGPA)

Me: After graduating I want to work at OPEN LEARNING EXCHANGE NEPAL as a software developer where I will be designing those digital interactive learning contents and maintaining e-library. And then I want to introduce the concept of 'peer learning' in Nepal where students can interact with each other and more importantly the qualified teachers can teach students in backward part of Nepal which will surely bring trans-formative changes in the field of education.

V.O: Which country have you been to? (probably he looked my old passport number mentioned in my passport)

Me: I have been to South Africa twice.

V.O: Why?

Me: My father worked in an IT company there.

V.O: Do you have anyone in the US?

Me: No, I'm the first one from my family to go to the United States.

V.O: Who are your sponsors?

Me: Told

V.O: okay, So I'm issuing your visa for now. Go to counter no. 11 and pay $200.

(Confidence, loud and clear voice, good answers, hand gestures and eye-contact are really important but then LUCK is the thing that matters the most)

So, give your best and believe in yourself. Don't hear to rumors like you must change your university for the second attempt or you should keep gap of at-least 20-25 days. Take genuine suggestions from individuals you trust but do what you think is RIGHT!

Thank you so much everyone who kept motivating me.

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