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F1(Student) Visa Interview Experience From Kathmandu, Nepal

This is an F1(student) visa interview experience from Kathmandu embassy, Nepal.

Experience of Sushil Senchuri

Visa Experience
First Attempt June 1 ,9:10 am 
Status : Approved
Major : CS
University : UT Arlington
Scholarship : 5K+Out of state waiver
TOEFL : 86 ( not asked)
SAT: 1290 ( not asked)
Academics : 71.5%
Counter : 8

Everything went according to my plan:mild rainfall and chilled environment. Sathi sanga gako le paisa mobile sathi lai dera 1 ta file bokera bhitra xiriyo. Line eta uti basera biometrics samma pugiyo. IDK why tara mero xeu xau ma chai most of them were elders ( visit visa ko lagi apply garne thiye dherai ) . Biometrics ma photo bhayena bhanera bahira jana paryo . 200 rupess lidira 2 ta ko ani bio-metrics haru sakkesi line basayo ani counter no. 8 ma pathayo Young lady VO thyo tesma . Answer sabai VO le sundai thyo tara reject handai thyo. khasai wasta garina kasle k bhandai k gardai afnai dhun ma thiye. Ani mero palo ayo ani start bhayo interview. 
PS : K k sodhya thyo random order ma na huna sakxa hai I don’t remember majale .

Me : Namaste Mam 
VO : Namaste please pass me you i20 and transcript. 
( ma ta file nai dine soch ma thiye tara naline raixa , i20 haru diyera. File ko certificate dekhne gari tersaide marble ma, UNDP ko logo chai notice garyo hola VO le)
VO : So UTA hmm , how many colleges did you apply to ?
Me : mam I applied to around 15 colleges and universities in total. 
VO : you got into ?
Me : mam I got into 9 of them.
VO : Okay tell me your top 3 universities.
Me : They are Case western reserve university , UTA of course and Franklin and Marshall college .
VO : Okay what will you do after bachelors ? 
Me : Once I graduate I will contribute for E-governance in Nepal which is basically the use of ICT (Information, Communication and Technology). For this, I will work as software engineer in Department of IT under Nepal Government and introduce online platform for government-public interaction and transaction by replacing the lengthy paper works. This will not only save time but also lessen corruption prevailing in Nepal. I will make public oriented software to make government services accessible to more people. Mam, do you know that senior citizens are still compelled to go to banks physically to claim their pensions?. It’s difficult for them no ?
To solve this problem I will develop software using bio metrics ( tya nira finger print sensor thyo teslai point gardai bhande) through which they can sit at their home and claim their pension through mobile phone ( fingerprint sensor k k ni bhandya thiye)(interrupted)
VO : Tell me the the university you wanted to go but you didn’t get into .
Me : Mam , it was Case Western Reserve University actually I got waitlisted and rejected at last.
VO : Who will sponsor you ?
Me : My family of course.They will sponsor me .
VO : What’s their annual income and what do they do ?
Me ; Their annual income is around 55 Lakh 
My father in particular is … at Abudhabi whereas my mother has been running a business of frame and glass work since last 10 years ( ani tyaka paxadi farkera Like those frames bhanera bhitta ko frame dekhaide , US embassy bhitra frame thyo  ) 
VO : How much saving does you family have in bank ?
Me: Not much in the bank but they have saved in co operatives around 25 lakhs I guess. 
VO : Do you have any siblings ?
Me : Yes mam , I have very young brother. He is not even two years old. He must be troubling my mom right now ( bhanera hasde) 
Ekxin koi bolena ani kei ta bolna parxa bhanera. Mam I kissed him in the morning before coming here bhande. 
VO: So , most of your parents income will be used for you?
Me; Yes, mam.
VO : Please again tell some universities you applied to .
Me : Case Western Reserve University , Franklin and Marshall College , Wheaton College ( interrupted) 
VO : What have done related to computer science ?
Me : ( This was the question I was waiting for ) 
 first my team has been selected for International ….Competition at …… . Within this gap year we won the LOCUS Robowarz which is 10KG Battlebot , and stood second on Yantra 6.0 35 Kg battlebot. I have brought certificates if you want bhandai file ma point garde. Talking about personal achievements, I have been working as a digital intern at Kathmandu Living Labs and contributing data in Open Street Map (interrupted)
Vo:Ok i am giving you visa. Good Luck

It was a casual talk. Testo lamo answer kei bhanna parena. I did not care about how my interview was going ( like boldai evaluate garira thina) , J sodhe ni dang dung answer bhanxu bhanne thyo. Testai gare. I had surely prepared well for this. Thanks to everyone who helped.
Choice of college I applied to, strong financial support ra good ECA le garda deko jasto lagyo. Halka ramailo ni gardeko thiye frame dekhaidera.

Interview experience of Sarthak Khanal.

Visa experience
date: 6th October 2017
Counter: 7
University: Kansas State University
Course: Doctorate in Computer Science
appointment time: 7.50 (was out of the embassy by 8.25)
Everything happened so quick; one minute I was at the other side of the road waiting for the board to show my time, the next - I'm behind only person in a queue for the interview.
On the preface, I had a good academic profile, above average standardized test scores(GRE & TOEFL) and a fully funded offer. I was confident up until the point I found myself standing in front of the VO. I went practically blank the moment it mattered the most.
VO: I'll have all of those. (I had my I20 and transcript tucked inside my passport. I handed them over)
VO: Thank you
( Here's the first stupid thing I did)
me: Thank you (What was I so thankful for?)
VO: Why doctorate in Computer Science?
me: (I was already low in confidence) I like programming, I have been fond of it since my high school, so Computer science was an obvious choice. 
(I know it wasn't a great answer, not even a good one. Sure enough, he didn't seem impressed)
VO: What will be your dissertation on?
me: Machine Learning.
VO: Can you be more specific? 
(I wasn't sure what he was expecting of me) 
me: Machine Learning and its implementation on Natural Language Processing
( I just wanted to put in some fancy words to make a scholarly impression)
VO: What are your plans after graduation? (I had a whole speech ready for this)
me:Nepal has a growing IT market.. <INTERRUPTED>
VO: USA has an already grown market, students have been known to prefer working there.
me: Companies here, like QFX, daraaz and merojob have a rapidly growing user base. So in a few years time, they'll be looking to mine into their large data-set to gain insightful information and grow their business. So, I believe with a research experience in data mining and machine learning, I can have a great career here in Nepal.
(This was the first time in my interview I felt confident of what I had spoken)
VO: I am issuing you a Visa. Go to the counter........ 
I was told by everyone to make eye contact while speaking, but the VO didn't always look at me, only when he had a rebuttal. That was making me really uncomfortable. At any point in my interview I did not feel like I would be issued a visa. Its all about luck is what I learned from this experience.
These experience anecdotes did help me prepare for my interview, I hope mine does to someone as well. Good luck people.

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