Wednesday, August 22, 2018

11 Effective Methods To Improve And Enhance Your Vocabulary.

The most common question that people ask our team is:can you help me expand my vocabulary?So, here are some of the methods which help you expand your vocabulary.

People judge you the moment you open your mouth. It's sad but true, we often form quick and sometimes unfair opinions of others based on the words they use. You can use words in your conversations and in your writing that will make you stand out as intelligent, educated, persuasive and competent - or you can use words that will make you seem like you don't know what you are talking about.It improves our powers of expression and comprehension, and opens the imagination.

So, here are some methods to expand your vocabulary

1.Read Read and Read:

Reading is the number one way you can improve your vocabulary skills.People do not read enough to improve their vocabulary, which could, in turn, help them comprehend more.It does not matter which book you read or where you are reading.However, if you want to improve your vocabulary skills, you need to focus on those unknown words and try to know their meanings.
You should try to spend at least 30 minutes every day on focused reading. The more you read, the more you’ll improve.

2.Learn a word a day:

This is one of the effective ways to expand your vocabulary skills.You can use your dictionary for this method.You can randomly choose a word with its meaning and write it down in your notebook.Plus, see how it is used in a sentence.Learn its synonyms, antonyms and use that word in your conservation too.This will definitely help you expand your vocabulary.

3.Replace your newspaper with English newspaper:

Immediately replace your local newspaper with English newspaper to improve your vocabulary skills.Do not miss reading newspapers in English language even for a day and if you keep on reading newspapers for a period of six months or nine months regularly, you will be really surprised by noticing the progress of yours.Mark any expressions and word combinations worth memorizing with a highlighter pen.Guess the meaning of the words you don’t understand and refer to a dictionary later.Use that word in your day to day conversations.
I will recommend these daily newspapers for vocabulary buildup, especially for GRE/SAT vocabulary test. 
The Newyork Times
The Newyorker
The Economist
Arts and Letters daily

4.Make synonyms list:

Always make a synonyms list of those words you learn daily.A synonym is a word with the same or a similar meaning as another word. for example improve and enhance are synonyms.Plus, try to make different sentences with those synonyms.

5.Make connections:

So when you’re learning a new word, you want to make sure it’s connected to those words you already know. What does the word “computer” remind you of? come put her? compute her?  The link doesn’t matter, it’s only important that there is one.Take two other words you might not have heard before: revitalize and trivial. Before you know their meaning, ask yourself: what do these words make me think of? What do they resemble?With a long word like revitalize, you might want to break it into parts.


One of the effective ways to improve and expand your vocabulary is by speaking.Use those words which you have learned in your conversations.Do not afraid to make mistakes.Tell your family and friends about your study plan and talk to them about different topics.

7.Surround yourself with English:

Here are some ideas for surrounding yourself from English language:
:First, watch English movies with subtitles and later watch it without subtitle.
:Get daily English news in your mailbox.
:Think to yourself in English
:Read or Listen to a novel.
:Listen to an English Radio show.

8.Do word puzzles:

Crosswords are fun and help your ability to find new words.Doing crossword puzzles change the way you look at words, and if you try to remember them with their meanings, you have increased your vocabulary.Crossword puzzles are available at a number of sites on the Internet.

9.keep a journal.

Start writing a journal from today if you don't.Write everything that you did.Even write those words you have learned with their meaning.For example, if you have learned a new word exhausted, write, today I got up early in the morning, so I am absolutely exhausted.

10.Listen to words frequently how they sound.

Many people won’t remember tricky words unless they come across them frequently. But if you hear a word that you think sounds interesting, you become word conscious and start using it yourself, says Neuman. Try to pronounce them and make a sentence using those words.

11.Go to is the best site in internet to enhance your vocabulary.You can play different vocabulary games and take a vocabulary test too.You just have to  sign up to create a free account and you are on the way to improve your vocabulary.


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