Monday, July 16, 2018

Why take SAT?Important reasons to take SAT.

SAT exam

Many colleges and universities in US require SAT score as a part of their admission process.So, what exactly is SAT exam? and why is it so important?SAT is a Scholastic Assessment Test, basically an  entrance exam used by most colleges and universities to make admissions decisions.SAT Scores are one of the most important factors in U.S College Admissions and they also play a significant role in your future employment opportunities.

SAT Length: 3 hours (plus 50 minutes if taking an optional Essay)
SAT Sections:-Math
                       -Evidence-Based Reading and Writing 
                       -Essay (optional)
Highest SAT Score(full marks):1600

-What is on the SAT?
SAT examination has two sections.They are Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing.It also includes an optional essay question. 

-Why is SAT important?
Everyone wants to have a good university degree and study abroad with scholarship.So, SAT play a vital role at this part.It is important for the process of admission.Most competitive colleges in the USA value SAT.It really helps you get a good financial aid, which helps you to minimize your costs. Some colleges and universities in the USA provide full scholarship based on your SAT score.Getting a good scholarship increases the chance of visa approval as you are known to be a genuine student, whose intention is to study in the USA.So,it’s always better to have these test taken when you apply for higher studies abroad.

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