Sunday, July 15, 2018

What do Visa Officers(VO) know about you before going to your F1 Visa Interview?

If you are going for your F1 visa interview, assume that the Visa Officer (VO) knows everything about you. Even if they don't know, they will find about you while talking to you.

But How?
First of all, it's their job and they are very good at their job.They are well prepared and well trained for their jobs.They interview 100's of students a day. Do you know? They are the first defense line for the USA.It's their duty to find if the students are loyal or not.They can detect lies.They can detect deception. They can read your body language.So, don't try to be over smart but prepare well. Then things will fall into place.

Actions that fall under the category of lying
-Providing fake documents in support of you application.
-Presenting fake identity.
-Presenting fake or incorrect information during your visa interview.

Here are some of the things how VO knows about students who are lying at their visa interview.
-You will avoid making eye contact.
-Your physical expression changes.
-Words maybe spoken softly.
-Gestures don't match the verbal statements.

Consequences of lying in your visa interview.
Consequences of lying at your visa interview can be really serious.You can be permanently ineligible for US visa.So, don't kill your dream to go to the USA by lying to your visa officer at your visa interview.

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