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F1 Visa Interview Experience from Nepal.-Interview is just a normal conversation.

This is a visa interview experience of Sagar Bhandari from Nepal.This interview teaches us that visa interview is just a normal conversation between visa officer and the applicants.

F1 Visa Interview Experience from Nepal

F1 Visa Interview Experience from Nepal

Time: 8.30
1st attempt. (Approved)
University: Southern Illinois University Carbondale
M.s. in civil engineering
Full tuition waiver along with stipend.
I20 shows $1055 to be paid by me while 41500 is paid by the uni.
After the bio metrics was done, I waited in the line to be sorted into the interview counters. Legend VO in counter 9 wasn't granting as many as the others were. So hoping I don't get into 9, I reached the front of the line. And to and behold, counter 9 had one vacancy. My confidence ran out the room. But the person sorting people into counters was on his rounds so, I didn't get sorted just then. By the time he was back, counter 10 had one vacancy too. The blessed man sent me to 10 and there I waited feeling my confidence creeping back into me. I had started smiling. The person before me was granted visa and then I was asked to approach the counter.

Me: Good Morning maam.
Vo: I am fine, How are you doing?
Me: I am fine maam. How are you doing?
Vo: I am good too.
(I took a deep breath)
Vo: I heard that. 
(I looked behind to see if she was talking to someone behind me. But no one was.)
(Laughing) Take all the deep breaths you want.
Me: (Laughing) Thank you maam, but I am okay.
VO: Why did you choose Southern Illinois University(SIU from here on wards)?
Me: Among the four universities that I got accepted to....
Vo: Which all?
Me: Michigan tech uni, uni of toledo, illinois inst of tech and siu. Among these four, SIU offered me financial aid along with full tuition waiver, and that is why I chose to go there. But the reason why i applied to SIU was because an alumni of the uni was a former colleague of mine. 
Vo: From where?
Me: While I was working at Greenhill city Housing here in Balkot Bhaktapur.
Vo: So, you have been working as an engineer already?
Me: Yes, maam. I have been working for the past two years with a gap of 4 months in between which I was preparing for the public service commission examination.
Vo: What is your plan after graduation?
Me:: After graduation, I want to join NSET-Nepal, i.e. National society for Earthquake tech in the position of a structural engineering. In the engineering earthquake research and training dept. Nset is currently running a "Baliyo Ghar" program where it is tackling the reconstruction and retrofitting of buildings in the four majorly affected districts after the April 2015 earthquake. But in 2020, it plans to launch a nation wide program where they will help the locals so that the structures can adhere to seismic standards and I want to be a part of a team that not only makes a developed Nepal but a safer Nepal as well.
(She seemed interest. After a few minutes of typing)
Vo: (Laughing) So, your university covers everything but the 1000 dollars? How will you pay the amount?
Me: (Laughing). Yes, madam such a huge amount. And told.
Vo: What do you know about SIU?
Me: Maam, I know that the uni covers about 1100 acres and is about 76 miles from the illinois missouri boarder and 47 miles from illinois kentucky boarder. Interrupted.
Vo: How will you reach there? Which airport will you go to?
Me: I'll probably go to st. Louis and get to the uni crossing the state boarder .
Vo: Thats why i asked. I am from st. Louis. St. Louis is famous for its baseball team. I hope you are interested in baseball.
Me: Thats wonderful maam. How is St. Louis as a tourist attraction?
Vo: Oh its beautiful. There are parks and museums and etc etc.
Me: So, you probably have been to carbondale as well?
Vo: Yes, I have.
Me: How is it? Is it beautiful like the college has advertised?
Vo: Oh its wonderful but its no St. Louis. (Laughs) 
I laugh.
Vo: You have to pay 200$ and I shall sign your sheets whenever they ask me. Thank you.
Me: I am extremely thankful, maam. Thanks a lot. Have a good day.
Vo: You too.

And that was it. I got an opportunity to interview the VO as well. And it was as if i was talking to a friend. Nerves would probably got the best of me if i had  sent to Counter 9 but fate prolly had better plans. 

Another experience: Dilendra Maharjan from Nepal
Visa Interview Experience. 
Date Jan 2

Profile: Bachelor's Percent- 75.3, IOE Pulchowk Campus. GRE - 315, TOEFL - 104. International Amigo Scholarship, University of New Mexico
Main Gate Checked in at 9:10
Waited for few minutes and Proceeded for Security check. But, rejected at Security check because I had 
laptop in my bag. (No one told me so I was unaware of the restriction), [and what was I thinking? Visa nalage nalagos, office ma gayera kaam ta garnu paryo]. So had to go outside and leave my bag in some secure place and return to embassy. 
Proceeded for body scan check. But there was a problem. I didn't have my name in the entry list. So he added my name in the list and again proceeded to the next line. [May be because I had preponed my interview to Jan 2 from Jan 3]
Enter the room (now warm and cozy.)
After finger print check and swipe the MRP, line up for F1 visa interview.
Gate No. 7 (Interviewer looks unenthusiastic and serious. Or he just looks that way, I could not tell. He had rejected 3 of the previous interviewee and accepted 1 while I was in the line)
Me: Good morning sir.
VO: Good morning, pass me your passport, I20 and transcript.
[Passed the docs, (smile)]
VO: Looking at my I20, you have a scholarship that covers most of your tuitions. How do you plan to fund remaining amount?
Me: My parents are my primary sponsor. I have some savings of my own.
VO: Huummm.. Civil Engineering.. Do you have any work experiences?
Me: Yes, I have 3 years of work experience. For a year I worked at a structure consultant company. For the last 2 year I have my own design firm.
VO: What is going to happen to your firm once you are in US? Are you going to shut it down?
Me: No. It will remain dormant. I asked my auditor about this and he told me that, since there will be no income there will be no profit so no tax obligations. But audit is necessary every year even if no profit is made.
VO: Ahh, Of course. What are your plans after graduation?
Me: Return back and run my firm more effectively.
VO: Ok. I am granting you the visa. Go to counter 11 and pay required fee.
Me: Thank you!

My Advice: Don't speak more that asked. Give them precise and concise answer. Give them a reason to believe that you are coming back. Show your genuine interest to the subject you will be studying.

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