Sunday, July 22, 2018

Some Tips for your effective university application for International Students-Study In USA.


Some Tips for your effective university application.

Here are some of the tips for your effective university application.This tips will help you with your application of university/college.

1.SAT scores and TOEFL scores are sent to the university after paying. But, ask admission officers to wave your TOEFL requirement with your SAT score.

2.Ask your admission officers if they accept SAT scorecard instead of sending electronically. (Scorecard is the PDF that has the brief summary of the score and your performance in SAT).

3.Send admission officers your username and password of your SAT and TOEFL account where you have to ask them for logging into your account and see your scores and update it to your application file instead of sending them electronically.

4.Whenever you apply USA colleges/Universities, you have to pay the application fee. But, that fee is waived (means you don’t have to pay) when we apply through “The Common Application” because counselor uploads fee waiver letter in your common application. Generally, non-common application colleges generally don’t wave it so you have to pay 40$-60$. Then after only your file will be evaluated.Better apply through common application.

5.Few universities grant financial aid. So, they demand CSS Profile. This is the electronic form where we pay around 60$. Whereas, ISFAA(International Student Financial Aid Application)  form requires you to just fill up the form by printing it. After printing, update it and scan it. Make the PDF file of the scanned files and send it to admission officer. This works free of cost. Hence, ask your admission to allow you filling up ISFAA form. If they won’t allow you filling ISFAA, ask them for fee waiver code –code that is used in CSS Profile where you don’t have to pay the expenses for sending your CSS Profile.

6.Check if a university has honors program. Most of the universities have Honors program and if you qualify for it, then you’ll get extra scholarship.The goal of the Honors Program is to provide an enriched educational program of study for academically talented and motivated students.

7.Ask admission officers if their scholarship program matches your profile.

8.Sometimes admission officer awards you additional scholarship if you request them and write a heart touching mail to them. So, maintain a proper communication.

9.If you don’t get a response of your mail, call them using GOOGLE HANGS OUT, a Google application that uses internet for only.

10.Ask admission officers if your application is complete to ensure that you’ll receive decision.

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