Monday, July 16, 2018

Simple steps to apply for USA student(F1) visa.


Each year a lot of international students apply to USA for their studies. But to attend the American universities you need a US student visa.So, what is the whole process of getting an American student visa?In this blog, I have listed handful of tips to get a US student visa.I have listed it very simply, so you can learn More easily.

1.Either do IELTS/TOEFL as per your convenience and SAT/GRE, if you need a scholarship.I suggest you to do SAT/GRE because it helps you to minimize your cost.But it is not a compulsory one.

2.You can select the universities based on your score.Do proper research about the university through internet, or contact the professors of the universities.

3.Once you decide your university, you can apply to it.To apply, go to the universities's website where you can get an application form.Fill the application form properly and pay the application fee(different universities have different application fees)through bank.

4.Once you fill the application form, you have to courier the USEF attested(verified) documents. To attest those documents, visit USEF. After attestation, courier your documents via DHL or Fedex(takes 60$-80$).
Along with your academic documents, financial document should be sent too.Make your financial document with the help of your bank.

5.After that wait for an I20(offer letter). It usually takes 2 to 4 weeks to get your I20. You will receive your I20 if you are selected by the university which you have applied for(You can apply to as many universities you want).

6.Once you received your I20, be ready to book an interview date.Before booking an interview you have to pay a SEVIS fee which costs around $200.If you have a credit card or international card, make a payment on, other wise visit to your nearby bank.

7.Book your interview date(you can book it through bank).It costs 160$.

8.Once you book an interview date, prepare all the documents(I20,academic documents, score report, financial documents, appointment confirmation slip, SEVIS fee payment slip,  passport)

9.Prepare well for your visa interview;this interview decides whether you are going to USA or not.So, be confident and prepared.

10.Go to visa interview.

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