Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Application essay samples-Future Dream, I am a mime who wants to scream

future dream

Here are two samples of an application essay for abroad study written by Bipin Adhikari from Nepal.

 Sample Essays:
                                Future Dream

It is hard to believe someone would read a single book for the 6th time in a year. Even I wouldn’t have believed it if I wasn’t the one who did it. What can a single book have that is worth spending so much time?I love ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho. I love how it guides readers through the journey to find out their ‘personal legend’.
“People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of.”
A personal legend can be described as the ultimate goal or a daydream.The Alchemist encourages people to follow their personal legend in spite of its hardship. It also helps readers, like me, recognize their personal legend. And my personal legend is to be ‘The Alchemist’.
Reading ‘The Alchemist’ for infinite times made me realize that I also want to bring positive changes in people. Like the novel, I want to make people believe that anything is possible; they just need the courage to follow their heart.
Among the many ways, I can be involved in people’s lives, being a teacher is my favorite. A teacher can be someone you believe in; someone people can trust. And, trust is most important when you want to inspire someone to follow a hard path. I wish to emphasize the values of faith, love, and hope, gently leading them to the future they truly want and deserve. With the college curriculum supplying the tools such as empathy and critical thinking, I can provide the students, a mission to work on.  I want to motivate my students towards a bright future and want to be able to say;
“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”

              I am a mime who wants to scream

I am a mime who wants to scream. I have been a mime my whole life. Even when words come out of my mouth, nobody seems to hear it. My voice has become a soundtrack of a Charlie Chaplin movie; a sound that everyone follows but nobody pays attention to. Even though my lips are moving, no one in the audience knows how to read it. And even though I create some sound waves, there seems to be a vacuum barrier containing the differences in our interest.
I know, I give the illusion that this is a complete version of me but, I have still many things to show; many things to say. Please!, listen to me; my jokes are even funnier than my expressions.
“What does a subatomic duck say?”
All I want to do is engage in a deep conversation on Einstein’s Relativity or Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. I want to joke how Schrodinger’s cat is definitely dead as it is trapped inside a box with no food or water since 1935. And at the University of Chicago, I can do that. I can sit at Joseph Regenstein Library with my innovative friends and whisper my ideas on a new formula to describe gravity. I can sip from a cup of coffee at Hallowed Grounds while listening to their review of my idea.I can even pass the mathematical notes in the class showing the derivation of new gravitational force formula while Prof. Carlstromis explaining the Storm formed by the collision of galactic clusters. At UChicago, I can talk to people who can understand me. At University of Chicago, I can be a mime who can scream.

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