Tuesday, July 17, 2018

F1(student) visa interview required documents, dress code and few tips.

visa interview documents
documents for f1 visa interview

Visa interview is the last and important step in your journey to the USA.In the visa interview, sometimes, visa officer(VO) may not be convinced with your words. That is the time when you have to show your documents and win trust over them. There your documents will speak for you.Here are the documents you need to carry with you at the time of F1 visa interview.

Required documents for F1 visa interview:

-Original I-20.
-Your academic transcripts
-Copy of interview appointment letter
-SEVIS fee receipt
-DS-160 confirmation with Barcode printing
-Original Bank balance certificate.
-Birth Certificate
-Relevant test scores eg. IELTS/TOEFL or SAT/GRE or GMAT.
-Original scholarship/financial aid certificate(if you are awarded)
-Acceptance letter from universities 
-Your experience letter(if you have)
-Your research paper(if you have done)

These are the documents you must carry when you go for your F1 visa interview.

What is the dress code for F1 visa interview?

There is not a specific dress code for visa interview.You don't have to be too formal;it's uncomfortable and unnecessary.Just make sure your clothes are clean and tidy.Visa Officers don't care what you are wearing, what they care are how you talk, your documents and your intention of abroad study.Just make yourself comfortable and decent.

Few bonus tips:

-No backpacks allowed 

You are not allowed to take your backpacks inside an interview room.But don't worry, your backpacks will be securely kept with security guards.

-Interview Room:

Many applicants don't know that there won't be a separate interview room.Honestly, I had this impression that the interview takes place in a separate  room.I was really surprised to know that there is a row and a huge crowed with separated counters. But don't worry, the surrounding won't distract your interview.

-Always Be Positive

Always be positive no matter what.I know lots of applicants are nervous when they go to an interview.If you are nervous, they don't believe that you are a genuine student and it may affect your visa.So, always be positive and let them know that you are a genuine student whose intention is to study in the USA. 

-Make connections: 

Always talk to people who are standing on a line with you.Though it's not a necessary one but it is always good to talk with with them about their plans and so on.I did same.I started talking with 4 people there:one guy applying for San mateo college of California, a girl for San Jose State university, another guy for Youngstown State University and another for North Carolina State University.It helps you to boost your confidence.

-Don't try to be brilliant in those few minutes:

Don't try to act you know everything.They(VO) know everything about you. Just take a deep breathe, smile and be yourself.Always maintain eye contact and answer confidently.Don't think about the result but speak honestly.

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