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F1 Visa Interview Questions You Need To Know The Answers.

F1 Visa Interview Questions

Visa interview is a conversation between the applicants and the visa officers, it's not a test or an exam.No matter the level of academic documents or financial paper, you need to be fully prepared.For your successful F1 visa interview, you need to prepare answers  for all the possible questions.Sometimes, unexpected questions are asked and if you do not answer them properly, your visa interview may fail.I have seen a lot of students rejected because they didn't have an answer to some of the unexpected question.

You need to have a full knowledge about your programs, universities which you are going to attend and how you can advance your studies in the USA.Here is the list of some possible F1 visa interview questions.

F1 Visa Interview Questions You Need To Know The Answers.

-Why USA?

For this question, you have tell what features of the American education system appeal to you compared to other countries.You have to provide a justifiable reason to convince your Visa officer.

-What will you be specializing in?

You have to tell in which major you are specializing in(eg bachelors in computer science, masters in civil engineering).

-How many universities have you applied for?

For this questions, tell how many universities you have applied for, how many admissions did you get and how many rejected you.

-Why this university?

The officer wants to know what are the reasons for choosing that specific university.You should provide solid reasons for studying in that university.Re-search well about the university  through internet. You can mail to  university to know more about its programs, faculty and many more.

-What are your plans after graduation?

For this question, you need to provide a solid evidence that you do not intent to live in US after completion of your study.You need to convince visa officer that you will return back to your country after your graduation.

-Do you have your GRE/TOEFL/IELTS/GMAT/SAT score reports? 

Show your score reports.

-Why are your scores low?

Do not make excuses or cover up your errors.Instead, be honest and explain properly, why were you unable to perform well.

-Who are your sponsors?How can you pay for your studies?

Tell them clearly who  your sponsors are or who is funding for your studies.Tell what  your sponsors do and how much they earn annually.You need to provide a proper evidence, that you have enough fund for your studies.

-How many siblings do you have?

For this question, tell honestly how many brothers and sisters you have.If you are the only child of your parents, tell them.

Some other possible questions.

-Why not your country?
-What do you know about America?
-Mention some professors you have contacted.
-What is your academic background?
-Do you have any relatives in USA?
-Why so many back logs(if you have)?
-Do you have any plans of masters(if you are going for bachelors)/PhD(if you are going for masters)?
-Do you have any work experience?

Some bonus questions.

-Why do you think we should give you visa to study in USA?
-Are there any reasons why you shouldn’t be given F1 Visa?

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