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F1(student) Visa Interview Experience from Nepal.

 Visa Interview Experience from Nepal.
This is an F1 visa interview experience from Nepal.
Experience: Anubhav Luitel
SAT: 1190
Major: Management Information System
Minnesota State University, Mankato
Counter no: 9
Time: 9:30 AM
Visa Interview Experience of 1st attempt on 4th May
Me: Namaste sir. 
VO: Pass me your I-20, transcript and passport.
I gave without speaking a word.
VO: Why do you want to study Management Information System?
Me: Sir, when I was 14 or I guess 15 years old, interest in computers started to develop within me. I used to love talking about computers, learning about computer. I still remember I used to open my CPU, take the RAM out and put it again for no reason. Even in my high school, I chose computer science. When I was in grade 12, I started reading newspapers and watching news, then I realized that in Nepal, requirement of such professionals is increasing who has the knowledge of both the information technology and management. At that moment, I thought if only I could study such a subject which provides me the knowledge of both the information technology and management, I would be creating a great scope for myself here in Nepal.

(I was about to say more but he interrupted)
VO: So, what have you done in this field so far?
Me: Nothing much sir, I have chosen computer science in my high school.
VO: okay, how many universities did you apply to?
Me: 3 universities sir; University of Texas at Arlington, Minnesota State University Mankato, and McNeese State University.
VO: Were you accepted by all? 
Me: I was accepted by University of Texas at Arlington and Minnesota State University but due to some communication gap, I was not accepted by McNeese.
VO: What do you mean by communication gap?
(After he asked this, I was very nervous because I had not prepared an answer for this.)
Me: Sir, earlier I had sent the hard copies of my SAT and TOEFL score and did not know that I had to send the scores officially through ETS and collegeboard. The university did not reply me for many days and suddenly one day they sent me an email mentioning that I have to send the scores officially. At that time, as I was already accepted by Mankato which was my second choice, I did not send scores to McNeese State University.
VO: You don’t wanna go USA to study; you just want to leave your country.
(And he gave my documents back)
(I know that it is my own stupidity that I gave such an answer. I could simply say the admission decision is pending but let’s say vagya ma na vako or buddhi le sh*t khako)

2nd Attempt on 23rd June
(No changes in the documents but I was accepted by McNeese as I had sent the test scores officially.)
Time: 9:10 AM
Counter no: Initially I was sent to counter no 9.
Me: Good morning sir.
VO: Good morning. Pass me your Passport, I-20 and transcript 
(I gave without speaking a word) 
VO: (After scanning my passport) oh! So, we have met before??
Me: Yes sir. (This time, smile was like an organ on my face. Continuously smiling :D)
VO: okay wait.
(After few seconds)
VO: okay, go to counter no. 6
(I went.)
Me: Good morning sir. (Along with the new organ on my face :D)
VO: Good morning. How’re you? (I didn’t expect this question though)
Me: Good sir. How’re you?
VO: Good. 
VO: So, you had your interview on May, right?
Me: Yes sir. On May 4.
VO: same university? same major? no changes?
Me: No sir.
VO: hmm…management information system. So, why do you want to study MIS?
Me: Sir, earlier I had applied to all the colleges for computer science but later I changed my decision…(interrupted)
VO: you changed your major?
Me: Sir, I changed it before getting the I-20.
VO: oh okay. Go on.
Me: sir, earlier I wanted to study computer science only because I was interested in computers. Back then, I didn’t know about the professional world. I mean…I didn’t know how it really works. But later, when I started to work in an American company (as soon as I said this, he suddenly looked at me and started to listen with an interest) named “Alpha Geeks”, the seniors out there made me realized that today most of the students of Nepal, going abroad for studies are studying computer science. So in this case, I must do something different. They told me that chances of being economically successful with only a Bachelors degree in Computer Science are very low here in Nepal because in Nepal, demand of such professionals is increasing who has the knowledge of both information technology and management. At that moment, I thought if only I could study such a subject which provides the knowledge of both the information technology and management, then I would be creating a great scope for myself here in Nepal.
VO: okay. Makes sense. Can you explain me about MIS?
Me: (Explained a little about it.)
VO: okay. Do you know what can you do with your degree? I mean…how can you use it in the future?
Me: Yes of course sir.
VO: okay tell me.
Me: Sir, right after when I complete my graduation and return back to Nepal, initially I want to work as a business as a business analyst in such a company which is facing loss (he looked weirdly at me) because I want to check my potential. I want to know where I stand as a professional in my field. After gaining some years of experience as a business analyst, I would ultimately want to work as a Chief Information Officer in Nepal Police because I always hear my father complaining “we could not solve this case (interrupted and he asked “so, is your father a police officer, a detective or something? And I replied “sir, he is a police officer” and continued) due to lack of effective management of IT equipment or we could not solve this issue due to lack of effective planning and policy making.” So, sir I want to solve this problem of Nepal Police.
VO: okay very good. Can I see your SAT score report?
Me: I am so sorry sir…(interrupted)
VO: ok ok. Just tell me.
Me: sir 1190.
VO: okay. How’s your sponsor going to pay for you?
Me: sir, I already told you that my father is a police officer. (VO: ya..ya..)
But, he sold an ancestry property, a land worth Rs. 81.3 lakhs and we also earn approximately 1 lakh from the rent of our house. So, this will be enough.
VO: So, do you have any sibling studying in any university whom your parents have to pay for??
Me: Sir, I have an elder sister. She’ll be married next month.
VO: okay boy, I am issuing your visa.... (I interrupted :D)
Me: Thank you so much sir. Thank you so much. Have a nice day. (and I walked away)

From my experience, I would suggest to do enough research about your major and your university. You should have realistic reasons for studying a particular major, realistic plans after graduation, and you should FEEL the answer while answering. I mean…there should be expressions in your face as well as in your words. Your way of delivering answer should seem and sound as if you’re speaking by your heart. I won’t say “Best of Luck”. Instead I would say, “Best of Preparation.” 

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