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Amazing F1 Visa Interview Experience from Nepal-Approved at first attempt, faced another one later

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This is a F1 visa interview experience of Sarala Gautam from Nepal.Her visa was approved at her first attempt.Her major was Masters in Environmental science at University of Louisiana at Lafayette.She was awarded with the Full tuition waive, teaching assistant-ship and also stipends.Though her visa was approved at her first attempt, she has to visit embassy again and gave another interview.Her experience teaches us how to handle VO with confidence and how to interact with them.

Interview Experience

Interview experience

Date:25th June 2018(1st attempt)
Major: Master's in Environmental Science
Scholarship: Full tuition waiver+ Teaching assistanship+stipends
Status: Approved(1st attempt) 
Counter no.:9

Its a bit lengthy bacause I had 2 interviews with the same VO.

I was sent to the line after my bio-metrics and I would say luckily I was sent to counter no. 9 because I had met that VO already in Pokhara at a seminar organized by USEF Nepal. Actually, I was really happy and felt more comfortable. A boy before me who was going for UG was also accepted. And finally it was my turn.
Me: (With a big smile on my face) Good morning sir. How are u doing?
VO: He didn't greet me back. He immediately started typing and asked, Why this university? (still typing)
Me: Regarding why the University of Louisiana at Lafayette is the quality research going on under professor Dr. Timothy Duex on Environmental and geological hazards which matches my interest and the present scenario of our country…(VO interrupted)
VO: He looked at my I20, was just pointing on the scholarship I got with Graduate Assistant-ship.
(Actually, I had changed my major. I had my BE. Civil Eng. And MS in Environmental. Science. I was so scared that he would ask me why major change vanera….but he didn’t look at my transcripts that well)
VO: Any other universities you applied?
Me: Besides UL, I applied to LA tech university; with an offer of the research assistant-ship, Lamar University with the fee waiver and the University of Texas at Arlington( Though I didn’t apply there)
VO: Texas at?.....Arlington???
Me: Yes Sir.
(typing and paused for 4,5 sec )
Then I thought that this is the right time to distract him from the serious mood
Me: It feels so nice to meet you again sir!
VO: Really? When did we meet before? 
Me: We met at Pokhara sir, in a seminar. We had a small interaction regarding scholarship part as well.
VO:(He started smiling) oh, sorry I really don't remember you bacause I met so many people there but its great that u reminded me.
( Then I was really comfortable)
VO: Are you married?
ME: No sir.
VO: Any plans to get married or have a partner?(smiling)
Me: No sir, right now I am fully focused on my studies but will think about that later on after my studies.
VO: All right..(smiling)..Then what are your plans after graduation?
Me: After my degree completion, I will return back to Nepal and will work under Prof. Surya Man Shakya for initial learning and experiences in Nepal, he is the first Environmentalist in Nepal sir, and currently a professor in Kathmandu University. Then, I will work on my construction company that will take the construction part and environmental part in Nepal parallelly sir.( He was nodding his head)
VO: (typing.....) Congratulation, but you will not get your visa until you don't pay money in counter no. 11. So, go and pay and all the best for your future studies.
Me: ( I was more than happy) Thank you so much sir and hope to see you again in Pokhara sir. Good day sir.
(Then I paid the money and on the very next day I came back to Pokhara with 3 hours of walk on the highway and changed 4 buses and it took 16 hours to travel the way of 6 hours, MEANWHILE, I was literally walking on the Munglin bridge and I get a call from embassy saying that I had to visit them for my fingerprints again on 29th June at 1:30. And I was a bit worried and had a thought in my mind that hope I don't need to give the interview again)

June 29, 1:30

(I again did the same process of giving my fingerprints in counter no. 4 and again faced the same VO at counter number 9)
Then again the conversation started though it wasn't the formal one
Me: Again got the chance to meet you for the third time sir(smiling)
VO: How third time?
Me: I told you that we met for the 1st time in Pokhara....he interrupted....
VO: Ohhhhh...yeah I felt something familiar with your face but now I clearly remember you. We are really sorry, thought its not my's not yours...we sometimes get these technical errors.
Me: Its okay sir I can understand, I think I wouldn't have got the chance to meet you again if this hadn't happened.
VO: smiling....
And for 1 to2 minutes we talked about my travel back to Pokhara on 26th June and about Pokhara again and then I returned.

(Interview is all about how you present yourself and interact with VO. The main key is CONFIDENCE

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