Tuesday, July 17, 2018

F1 Visa Interview experience-Approved for PhD in Engineering from Nepal.

f1 visa

This is an experience of Mr. Rajan Neupane from Nepal.He had his visa interview on 6th of July, 2018 for PhD in mechanical engineering.His university was University of Utah with Full Scholarship with Teaching Assistant ship. 

Visa Interview Experience
6th July 2018
PhD in Mechanical Engineering
University of Utah 
Full Scholarship with Teaching Assistant ship
BE in Mechanical Engineering from WRC,TU- 71.37%
Time:8:30 AM
Counter No. 6
Reached there at about 8:15 and was done with security checking and was told to wait in the lobby there. Actually, I was finding it hard to get a good night and proper sleep the day before so my eyes were very very RED which scared the shit out of me. Asked the security guard about rest room and he pointed out the interviewing room. So, I got a chance to have a slight look of the Interview Room in advance which slightly boosted my confidence. After I entered the interviewing room, I saw some very confident applicants were denied visa. After standing in line for about 20 minutes, my turn came in.

Me: Hello sir, Good Morning.
VO-Good Morning. Pass me your documents
Me- Here you go.
VO- (He directly looked at the backside of Transcripts where passout year and Percentage was written). So, is this your Master's Transcript ?
Me-No sir, it is of Bachelor's.
Vo-(After turning to the front face of transcript). Oh oh ! So, is this an Integrated PhD or Direct PhD?
Me- It is a direct PhD Program sir.
VO- What did you do after your graduation?
Me-I worked as a Mechanical Engineer in XYZ Pvt.Ltd. for 6 months and later I committed myself in finding a good faculty and university.
VO-Plans after graduation?
Me-Sir, it has been my life-long ambition to become a Professor here in IOE, the Institute of Engineering at TU and to work under Dr. XYZ who is currently involved in research I am interested in. In order for me to realize that goal,I need a PhD. 
VO-What will you be researching on?
ME-I will be researching on advanced manufacturing sir.
VO- How many universities did you apply to?
Me-6 sir.
VO-What were your other three choices?
Me- (Actually I had applied to some good universities, so didn't have to lie here.)
Then he started signing my passport and told me to go to counter no. 11.
Me-Thank you very much sir. Have a nice day.
So, if you have decent scholarship and you show some confidence in your answers, visa will be approved, I guess. Best of luck for all applicants and I hope this experience helps.

This is an experience of Mr. Hrishiv Neupane from Nepal.
Visa Experience
(8:20, 29th May, 2018)
PhD in Civil Engineering( Structural Engineering)
GRE: 320 ( not asked)
Toefl: 107 ( not asked)
BE: 88.25% ( not asked)
Full Tuition Waiver + TA
University of Utah

VO: Goodmorning
Me: Goodmorning sir
VO: Pass me your passport, i20 and transcript
Me: Here it is sir.
VO: (seeing my I-20) PhD in civil engineering great. Where did u complete your last degree from? ( He noticed my Indian University transcript)
Me: I completed my undergraduate studies from Visvesvaraya Technological University.
VO: Where is is located?
Me: Belgavi. thanks
VO: What are your plan after graduation? 
Me: After completing my graduation, I will return back to Nepal and I will work as a researcher at department of Urban Development and Building Construction where I will be focusing my research in Upgrading our National Design Code which is incomplete at the moment as I want to end the dependence upon the Indian Standard code for designing earthquake reaistant structures in Nepal.

VO: Congratulations I m issuing u visa. Go to counter 11 to pay reciprocity fees.

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