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F1 visa experience-Approved at third attempt in Nepal.

visa approval
Hello everyone, this post is about a  USA visa interview experience.This story of Nick khatri is really inspiring and worth reading, as he was rejected twice and got his F1 visa at third attempt.

3rd attempt
Date : 13 July,2018
Time : 8:10
Major: Mechanical Engineering.
UTA: ( 2k + instate scholarship)
Diploma in Mech Engg: 68.53%(aggregate)
SLC : 79.375%
SAT : 1240
So this is how it goes..

(I was rejected on May 26 and June 26 of 2017 by counter no 7 on both occasions,but different VO)

Was late for the interview, the clock was showing 8:20 by the time I reached embassy but I knew it won't matter much.So, after completing all the process and bio metrics, I stood in a line of almost 20 people ahead of me, most of them were for F1 visa. Counter no 6,7,8 & 9 were taking interviews.Actually I was expecting lady VO but all were gents,one black VO on counter no 7 and 3 whites.
I started looking their faces very precisely so I won't get nervous at the time of my interview. I was wishing for that black VO to take my interview but was ready to face any VO.

Was sent to Counter no 6 at first.

Me: Good morning sir,Namaste(joining hands).
VO: Good morning boy.
Me: How are you doing sir?
VO: I am doing good, just pumped up a bit.
(He didn't ask about me but )
Me: I am doing good too sir.
VO: So,what changes have you made?(typing at the same time)
Me: There are couple of changes. Firstly I reappeared on the SAT and I scored 1240 this time and I applied to 7 colleges based on my SAT and academics.(Interrupted)

(Actually he was the same VO who rejected me on counter no 7 on June 26,2017,I didn't recognize him at first)

VO: I think we have met before last year.
Me:(without wasting any second)Oh yes yes,We've met on June 26 last year.
VO: So I cannot take your interview.I am passing your documents to my colleague.
Me:Okay sir.
So my documents were passed to counter no 7(my lucky number)

Me again: Good morning sir,Namaste.
VO: Namaste
Me: How are you doing sir.
VO: I am doing good and what about you.
Me: I am doing fine sir.
VO: So what changes have you made since last year.
Me: (Giving hand gestures) There are couple of changes.Firstly, I reappeared on the SAT and I scored 1240 this time and I researched and applied to 7 colleges based on my SAT and academics.After college application, I did an internship at Peak Power Pvt. Ltd.,a solar energy company, to gain some practical knowledge and to support my further study at UTA because that's where I want to specialize in.
VO: Why do you want to study at UTA?
Me: UTA is a top tier national university where students get to involve in research facility starting freshman year(Copied this line from someone else's experience).And also, In UTA, there is a separate lab called CREST where professor Krishnan Rajeshwar is researching about solar energy conversion which is my field of interest too.And apart from that, UTA's ranking is also quite good in engineering majors.So, these are the reasons that made me chose UTA.
VO: So,why mechanical engg?
Me: Because by studying mechanical engg, I want to be specialize in Renewable energy technology to be more specific in solar energy and I want to be an energy research engineer.I have also done 3 months internship at Peak Power,a solar energy company to gain some practical knowledge and support my further study.
May I show you the certificate?
VO: No, I believe you sir.
VO: What do you want to do after your study?
Me: After completing my studies, I will return back to Nepal and I will work as an energy research engineer at Ministry of energy under Govt. of Nepal.For that, I will give the exam of Public Service Commission and I will research and apply for the best suitable projects for me at that time.Actually sir, from my internship I have learned that 28% of households in Nepal still has no access to electricity and the main reason behind it is that it is very hard to construct and install hydropower everywhere, especially in mountainous and Himalayan region while on the other hand, Nepal has  a huge potential to produce 2100 MW of solar electricity.So I want to be an energy research engineer and I want to work for the sustainable development of solar energy.

(Till now I answered every question with loud voice without stuttering and giving hand gestures but all I was thinking sooner or later, he will hand me a yellow paper.The 5-10 seconds of silence between every question and him only acting like he just don't care about my answer.I was hoping common give me a yellow paper and put me out of this misery)

VO: How many universities have you applied ?
Me: I have applied to 7 universities including UTA.Do you want me to name them?
VO: Yes,why not?
Me: Those are Michigan Technological University,Missouri University of Science and Technology,University of Akron,Youngstown State University,USM and umm.. University of Mississippi.
VO: Tell me how are you going to pay for your studies.
Me: Told.
VO: So,why do you want to do bachelors?You have completed your bachelors already?
(This question really made me laugh but controlling my emotion.)
Me:(Smiling)No no sir, it's not bachelors, it's Diploma.I studied Diploma right after SLC. It's a three years course and I have also talked to admission counselor and they told me that I will also receive few credits on the basis of 3rd year.
(At this time ,again there was 15-20 seconds of silence and again I was expecting yellow paper)
VO: (Taking out his pen and signing) Sir,this time you are qualified for F1 visa.Go and pay $200 at counter no 11.
Me: Thank you very much sir(repeated 4 times)

So that's it. This time, I was not expecting visa, not at the time of interview, not in any situation but all I knew that I must stick to the basics i.e. be confident, be louder and if possible, talk by giving hand gestures.I practiced a lot in front of the mirror .I will give my best and even if I am denied visa once again, I won't blame myself.Last two time when I got rejected, it was because of my own fault.I totally misjudged them.

So,there is a lot I learned from my 3 attempts.Some of them are.
1. Not all VOs are interested about your childhood experience or how you ended up having interest on a particular field which happened on my 1st attempt. I was interrupted after delivering only 2 lines.Give them very specific answer at the first.Then depending on the situation,tell them the rest of your answer.

2. Be louder and don't keep your hands steady. I don't remember any applicant who were speaking slowly and were approved visa.A kid was talking way too slowly in lower pitch and was refused instantly.

3. (This one is totally my thought,worked for me)If ever you don't find proper answer, you may copy someone else's answer and modify as per your convenience. Those are the answer that got someone else their visa,those answer worked for them might work for you too.

It was very frustrating being rejected. Sometimes deserving students too are refused but if you work on your weakness and are able to prove them that you have worked really hard on your flaws in next attempt, you will surely get a visa.
Lastly I want to thank my brother Bikash Shrestha for always being there and having my back.

So, this is a visa interview experience of Nick Khatri from Nepal, whose visa was approved at his third attempt.So, don't be hopeless if you are rejected;just work on your flaws and stand again.

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