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F1(student) Visa Interview Experience from Nepal-Community college applicants.


Here are some of the F1 visa interview experience of community college applicants from Nepal.

Bachelor in Architecture: Kemmy Rai
College of San Mateo
Today at 8:40 AM(June 12, 2018)
Approved(1st attempt) 
Counter no: 7. He was young.

I hope this post may at least clear some dilemmas for those who are applying USA(esp. for architecture and community college) 

Day started normally. Woke up at 6, got ready, left for the interview at around 8 and reached at 8:35. Passed Five minutes in front of the Embassy gate thinking whether to just hop in or wait longer on the other side of the road with the crowd(even called 2 of my interview experienced friends who were probably dreaming, for not picking up my calls) 

VO: Hello/Namaste.Pass me your I20, transcript and passport.
Me: Hello/Namaste, sir. Sure.
VO: (again asked to pass) Oh, Here they go. (in low voice)
VO: Why do you want to study architecture?
Me: Sir, because more than just a childhood obsession of designing structures using paper and cardboards, for me, Architecture, is a connecting bridge between nature and art-science.
(He was carefully listening to what I was talking about, even the 1st sentence)
When I was 9, inspired by watching a tv show "Art Attack", the first structure I made was a white-paper palace} 
Growing up made me think about this deeper in a way that how it can influence not only our contemporary state of mind but our whole life. For instance, Kathmandu is a historically and naturally blessed valley but due to unmanaged urban planning with escalating human population, we suffer from environmental and economical crisis.

{Sir, you might also have seen excessively conjusted tall and narrow houses here which are really vulnerable to earthquake} 
Other cities like Itahari, Dharan, my home town Biratnagar are "evolving" in the similar way. But Architects aren't able to work even for 5% of average Nepalese people.

Though Nepal is a country well known in the world by its architecture, most of the Nepalese are not concerned about their jobs for this purpose. {That's why I take it as my Challenging Responsibility}
Our country needs more skilled architects, sir.
VO: sure (he was typing most of the time in full speed)
VO: How many other universities did you apply?
Me: Besides College of San Mateo, I applied to 3 more universities : Arizona State University, Purdue University and North Dakota State University.
VO: Why this college?

Me: College of San Mateo, because firstly, it provides me guaranteed transfer to Purdue University which routinely ranks highly among best design and architecture, accredited universities in the United States and globally.
Sir, I was rejected from Purdue University formerly but now I have transfer assurance via CSM.
Secondly, the College of San Mateo's architectural department has been involved in civic projects to create more open public spaces.
VO: I didn't know that you could transfer to universities outside California.
Me: We can, sir. May I show you the conditional admission letter?
VO: I wouldn't mind having a look at it. 
(It took me 15-20 seconds to find the single paper. He checked it thoroughly.)
VO: How can you afford?
Me: (I'm afraid I have to say)TOLD. 
VO: I am issuing your visa. Have great days ahead.
Me:Thank you so much, sir. (with a big smile)
I was excited about the plan after graduation part but I didn't have to answer to that.
Personal advice: Don't choose or change your majors for the sake of visa approval or just because someone said to. 
Go for your first priority, what you truly want to study.

#Tips to face interview: research research research! And work on presentation. 
Don't miss out a single possible question.

My visa interview experience: Krishna Pariyar
Got visa from counter no.9 for College Of San Mateo, California
Me: good morning sir
VO: Namaste
Vo:pass me your i20, transcript and passport
Vo: how many colleges do you have applied?
Me: 3
Vo:(looking at my transcript) what is your TOEFL score?
Me: 60
Vo: ( in a shocked voice) 60
Vo: do you have given SAT?
Me: nope
Vo: why associate degree?
Me: It will academically furnish meto get into my designated university and I can transfer my course and credits to any ranked university.
Vo: So you got acceptance from all 3 colleges then why you chose college of san mateo?
Me:Because college of san mateo provides 2 years pathway programs to highly reputated and competitive universities with scholarship if eligible.
Vo: why this course?
Me: I chose CS because I want to become a senior system analyst especiallizing in advanced and popular programming platforms like java, c sharp and python and also be IT project manager in an innovative IT company in future to develop,modify, manage and……
Vo got interrupted by the another American councellor and after some time he asked me
Vo: what is your dad’s salary?
Me: he earns 32.6 lakhs annually.
Vo: what is your bank balance?
Me: my current bank balance is 40 lakhs.
Vo: ok i am issuing you a visa, go and pay the money.
Me: Thank you so much sir.
Today I noticed one thing that we should say the answers confidently and a little smile on your face can make you seem more confident. I think that’s the reason for me to get visa. so all the best to friends whose interview is coming soon.

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