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Nepali students on F1 Visa-Conversation between Visa Officer and students.

F1 visa experience
F1 visa experience
Here are two F1 visa interview experiences from Nepal shared by two students who recently attended visa interview. The first F1 visa interview experience of Srisa Shrestha who was rejected at first but was approved at her second attempt is an interesting experience. The second experience of Sakar Rijal who was interviewing for PHD in Biomedical Engineering teaches us to stay calm and confident and answer questions like you mean it, not just like you are remembering stuff.

Experience 1:
-US Embassy in Nepal
-Bachelor's in Bio-Chemistry

F1 Visa interview experience of Srisa Shrestha

I will start my experience with my family background.Maybe Yestai case kasaiko Cha Bhane help hola Ki. So, My eldest brother is in US since 2008 doing his masters degree. My parents do have a 5 years B1/B2 visa and I visited United States 4 years back. But in my last interview I was rejected saying I don't seem to have any intention to depart US after my studies.

So, it was about 7:45 in the morning when I reached embassy and biometrics bhairakhda Ni VO Haru chai Aaunu bhako thena. there were about 16 applicants in front of me and the interview started and yellow paper tannai diirathyo, so ko chai nervous hudaina hola ra? Bistarai mero turn aayo and I was infront of counter no 6. There was an African American VO (jasle chai line ma basda eso Herya thyo Ani Maile Ni herethye Ani ma hasdya thye and he smiled back ) Okay the interview begins:

VO: Good Morning! 
Me: Good Morning sir. How are you doing?

VO: I am doing great. Please pass me your i20, transcript and passport.
Me: Here you go sir(handed my documents)

VO: So, you've been here before? 
Me: Yes sir. I was here last month, on May 17th

VO: (yesai passport paltayo thyakka Mero visa stamp bhako page parecha) oh! ma'am you've been to US before? 
Me: Yes sir. I went to US 4 years back.

VO: For what reason? 
Me: I visited states to attend my brother's convocation sir.

VO: okay, you have your brother in US? What is he doing? 
Me: He is doing his graduate degree.

VO: In which state is he studying ? 
Me: Sir, Texas.
VO: okay..where did you graduate your high school from ? 
Me: sir, from st.xaviers college, maitighar.

VO: How did you get to know about this university? 
Me: (told that I got to know about the university from college board and USEF)

VO: So what made you choose this major? 
Me: Sir, I was inclined towards the genetic disordered diseases since my early childhood since I lost my maternal grandfather who was diagnosed cancer at his 4th stage when the treatment was almost impossible. So from that particular time I really felt that delayed diagnosis and the traditional techniques used for the diagnosis is the major problem faced in Nepal . So Pursuing biochemistry as my major I want to work for the (interrupted)

VO: Okay okay. So who is going to sponsor you for your studies ? 
Me: Sir my family will be sponsoring me.
VO: Can you give some details ? 
Me: sure sir. My dad is a lecturer of mechanical engineering in Pulchowk engineering college, and my mom runs a boutique shop in my hometown. Similarly, my elder brother is a civil engineer who might also sponsor me if necessary.

VO: wait where does your dad work ? Is it in Nepal? 
Me: yes sir . Pulchowk engineering college is in lalitpur 
(I don't remember him asking about total income hai)
VO: Ok ma'am....Khai k bhanyo tala herdai k golo golo gare jasari boldai thyo.. Mata Feri k ma golo layo bhaneko Ta VO ko signature Nai duita golo combine gare jasto raicha ani malai passport diyo sign gareko part dekhne gari .
So I have issued you an f1 visa. Congratulations have a good day bhanyo 
Mata khusi bhaisake thye Khai last ma namaste garera, Thankyou so much sir. Have a great day bhanera hiney 
Visa lagdaina bhanera $200 Ni lagethena Ani Feri had to wait for my dad , tespachi paisa lagera counter no 11 ko line base Ani Sakyo .

Experience 2:
-US Embassy in Nepal
-PhD in Biomedical engineering

F1 Visa interview experience of Sakar Rijal

Interview Time: 27th July, 1 pm
Counter number: 10
VO was about 40-50 years old man. He rejected an undergraduate student before me. I Waited for my turn until he called me.

Me: Good afternoon sir. How are you doing today?
VO: I am doing good. Pass me your documents.
( looking at my transcript)
Which course are you going to pursue and where?
Me: I am going for PhD in biomedical Engineering program at UTA sir.
VO: So this is your Master's transcript?
Me: No, sir it's bachelors degree transcript.
VO: So they have selected you for PhD without master's, that's great.So which research project will you be working on at UTA?
Me: I tried to explain project as much as possible but in between I fumbled a lot, and spoke things that doesn't even makes any sense( but with confidence).
(Then there was silence for about 1 minute; VO was continuously typing). Then he signed my passport and told me to pay reciprocity fee( I didn't hear it properly). I asked him if my visa was approved as I was expecting a green slip..
VO: Yes, young man your Visa is approved. Have a nice stay at US.
Me:Thank u sir.

Just stay calm and confidence and answer questions like you mean it, not just like you are remembering stuff.

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F1 visa interview experiences in Nepal-Conversation between applicants and Visa Officer (V.O).

f1 visa interview experience
f1 visa interview experience
This is the F1 visa interview experience of Sadikshya Basnet from Nepal. 
Visa interview 
Accepted (1st attempt) 
Friday - 14th June 2019 ( golden day for me )
Time : 8:40 am 
Oakland university, Michigan 
Counter no : 9
V.O : The handsome black V.O ( god bless him)
CO..A- Research assistant-ship ( full funding)

Was damn nervous at first, but the moment I entered inside and started with all the formality, I was like ( hoina maile pauchu, I know my capacity and capability)

There were some younger girls standing next to me in the line , nervous as hell and I tried to console them and tried to encourage them and in that process the same V.O and I were having a lot of eye contact. I smiled and stood in a good posture.

V.O : In Nepali so k garna USA jadai hunuhuncha?

Sadikshya : To Pursue my Masters in Information technology management ( Computer science)

V.O : What did you do for a year after your graduation?

Sadikshya : I worked as a networking and data warehousing engineer in Mindtree limited, Bangalore.

V.O: Describe your nature of work in that organization.

Sadikshya: Explained in short and sweet sentence( I worked as data warehousing engineer and supported a lot of multi national client in that organization ) much better diction and sentence formation thiyo tya chai.

VO: Were your clients from India? ( where you worked)

Sadikshya : No I worked in India but my clients weren’t confined only within India my clients were from USA , Galway( Ireland), New Zealand and Australia.

V.O: who is going to fund your remaining fees?
Sadikshya: My parents are my sponsors , Primarily my father who is an advocate and notary public will be funding for the remaining fees.

V.O: What does your mother do?

Sadikshya : She is a lecturer of psychiatry in purbanchal university

V.O: Do your parents stay in India and how long were you there?

Sadikshya: No they stay here however I stayed in India for 7 years for my studies and jobs.

V.O: Do you have any siblings?

Sadikshya: yes I have a younger sister 
V.O: what does she do?
Sadikshya: She is a dentist and practicing in Birgunj.

V.O: Congrats you qualify for the F-1 visa

Sadikshya : Thanks a ton and god bless you.

Then I started involuntarily dancing ( tyo yes wala hand gesture banayera) money pay garna gaye( don’t do that though once you qualify for the visa ) 😂😂

What I understood is that they thoroughly see what you have done after your graduation and how genuinely you want to pursue what you are aiming for and how have you prepared yourself for the same while you were enrolled for your undergrad or high school education.

Do not despair, be original and say what you genuinely want to do . Do not pretend because that’s not you.

I want to thank a lot of people 
Sajak Upadhyaya who helped me a lot with my queries starting from day one of my application.
Keshab Bhattarai who also helped me a lot .
Starting from the GRE preparation days .
And this group for all sort of help.
All the best to the upcoming applicants 
Give your best

This is an F1 visa interview experience of Sankhar Neupane fron Nepal.
Visa Approved
SAT: 1440(not asked) 
Major: Actuarial Science and Economics(2 majors)
A-levels : A A A B b 
Family funds in I-20: 10,500$

I went inside.. I was a little nervous at the beginning but after my interview started, I was able to answer all the questions properly...
Counter no. 8(Jhonathon V.O)

Me: Good morning sir ( it was already 1:40 lol) 
V.O: Hello.. which university have you chosen?
Me: Washburn university sir.
V.O: How did you know about the university?
Me: Sir, I went to a USEF session where I met the admissions officer Mr. Andrew Vogel....(interrupted)
V.O: So what is it about Andy that attracted you?
Me: No, sir. I was attracted by the good Actuarial science course over there. Also, they have given me a full tuition scholarship that will help me a lot...( interrupted)
V.O: Living expenses still count, boy. Who is gonna pay them?
Me: told
V.O: So, what are your future plans?
Me: Sir, I plan to work as an actuary under Nepal Insurance Regulatory Board. The board values graduates coming out from the US board highly. Moreover, there are more than 35 financial institutions in Nepal, and the number is expected to grow as the government stability is maintained and proper investments are added.
V.O: Okay, I trust you. I'm issuing your visa. Go and pay 200$ in counter no 11. Say hi to Andy from my side 😬😬😬
Me: Thank you very much sir.

It's quite a nerve wrecking experience.. but if you have the right intention and right credentials, you will get though it easily 

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F1 visa interview experience-Rejected Experiences.

These are some of the rejected F1 visa interview experiences from Nepal.

Experience 1:
Date :3rd June
Scholarship:$9 k
Interview goes like this;
Counter no.10

Me: Namaste sir (with smile)
V.O: Namaste! Pass me your documents.
Me:Here it is sir.
V.O:Why Chemistry?
Me:Sir, I want to pursue my career as a Pharmacist but i want to start from the beginning so i selected chemistry as my major.Inside chemistry i want to specialize in organic chemistry (interrupted)
V.O:How are you going to pay?
Me:Well,my parents are going to sponsor me.
V.O:What do they do?
Me:TOLD(sappai sunyo)
V.O:What is your plan after your graduation?
Me:Sir,After completing my graduation I will work to advance the concept of manufacturing of drug(interrupted)
V.O:Sorry boy you aren't qualify for F-1 Visa (vanyo ani Yellow paper diyera 2 no. ma golo laediyo ani you can try for 2nd time vanyo)


Experience 2:
Visa interview date: June 6 2019
Graduated in bachelor of science in agriculture in 2016. 
Got full time research assistant-ship from university of Idaho for studying master of science in agricultural entomology with full funding and stipend every month.

Time : 1:20 P.M 
V.O(medium height, white, neither too slim nor too fat, might have worn specs I don’t remember(might be jonathan)): Namaste.

Me: Namaste sir 
V.O: pass me your documents.
I passed.
V.O: how did you find this university?
Me: I searched for the universities which match my research interest. Since I looked for universities which offer research programs in integrated pest management ..
V.O: how did you get to know about this university? I am not asking about your academic interests. Seems like you have memorized and reciting.
Me: Okay. There are my seniors passed from my university studying in this university so through them I got to know about this university.
Pause for a little time.. me speechless.
V.O: what are your plans after graduation?
Me: sir after completion of my graduation, I am planning to return back to Nepal and work as a research scientist of entomology under Nepal agricultural research council. I want to do research specially in integrated pest management since my specialization in msc will be about it. I specially want to do research in invention of innovative and smart techniques of controlling the harmful insects. ..interrupted
V.O: I don’t understand about your actual plans. I don’t think you intend to return back to Nepal. sorry mam I can’t give you visa this time.
Reasons of rejection: 1: no intend to be a student in the US. 2: no intend to depart US after graduation.

Experience 3:
Counter number: 06
Hollins University 
C.O.A: <10  K including personal expense and tickets 
Scholarship: $50 K per year

V.O: Namaste mam. Pass me your passport i -20 and transcript
Me: Here it is sir. 
V.O: So why hollins?
Me: well, starting with the liberal arts there at hollins (interrupted)
V.O: liberal arts... which major?
Me: sir, i want to specialize in Gender and women studies.
V.O: why? You won’t get any jobs after this. What are your plans after graduation?
Me: sir, my ultimate goal is to set up a non government organization here in Nepal which aims to promote women rights and women empowerment because Nepal is one of those countries (interrupted)
V.O: I don't want to know about Nepal. I want to know about you. Why do you want to go to USA taking this major?
Me: I want to go there because I’ll have an idea about how social organization work in US through internship opportunities provided by hollins, so I’ll have better management ideas as well...
V.O: typing..
V.O: you have got the huge amount of scholarship mam
Me: yes sir.

V.O: But i am sorry. You don't intend to come back and he handed me the yellow paper (circles number 2, no intent of returning)

Experience 4:
Status: rejected 
(this post is not in Q/A format cuz I dont remember all Q/A that way😂i don't remember how it was asked either)
University :U.T.A 
Major: physics
Scholarship: 4 K + waiver
C.O.A :21.5 k
SAT: 1340(not asked)
TOEFL: 100 (not asked)
A levels grades: math A, physics B, chemistry B, biology D
V.O: young girl (curly hair vaneko tei hola I guess)
After passing transcript, i-20 and passport, she directly asked me about my sibling brother. (he is already in the US for 3 yrs) where is he? How is his study? How much should your parents fund him? And so on.. Like that... it was like a natural conversation..i was frank.. and during one of such questions, i also mentioned he is doing on-campus job..i think this is where i made a mistake..
she asked about my other sibling too.. (who is in hongkong and working)..i just said he is in hongkong and is working..
She asked me whether he is a student.. i replied no..
(it was quite a long interview and she was continuously typing, thinking, and then asking me)
She asked about my sponsors. I told my parents earn 44-45 k annually mentioning all the sources clearly.
When She asked about how much should my parents contribute for my brother? I told around 10 K, that was all. ( PS: these  F1 visa interview questions, i mentioned are not in order that were asked and i might have forgotten some other minor questions because she was typing, taking time, thinking and asking me whose answer would just be 2-3 words mostly. I hope you got what i am trying to explain in this post)
She gave me a yellow paper with circles in no. 2 and 3.. 
she said:"unfortunately, you don't qualify for a visa right now.. I suggest you do something here for 1-2 yrs and then apply"
as soon as i saw no. 2 circled..
Me : "you didn't even ask me about my major or plans and judged i don't intend to return.".!!
She replied (with laugh) ,"Okay, Okay tell me"
(If she had asked about all these earlier then it would have been different. I would link all the answer and speak with energy but i already had yellow paper in hand..with no. 3 circled as well..
anyways i told my plans to her not the best i could because i was feeling bad about that laugh while answering..(ek tira visa nalagya tanab arko tira tesko hasai..). she said: " I respect your plans, but i cannot issue you a visa right now.."
It was like it didn't even matter whatever i say..she was not interested..and i already had yellow paper..

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Do scores and scholarships matter for visa acceptance? F1 visa interview experience from Nepal.

This is an F1 visa interview experience of Bipal Goyal from Nepal. He was selected within a minute because of his scores, scholarships and confident. Following is the conversation between Visa Officer and Bipal.
f1 visa experience from nepal
f1 visa
Visa Experience (28th May '19 - 8:50 am)

University of Cincinnati
Major: Information Science

Status: I will mention it at the end, but it'd be a little bit interesting if you yourself try to determine what it may be.

Scholarship: 25 k + 2 k Housing Grant for 1st year
Tuition: 27 k (Almost)
C.O.A in Form I-20: 20.5 k (Not Including Housing Grant though)

12th Grade Marks: 94% in CBSE (V.O asked for latest transcript and this is what I gave)

Let us get started, shall we? 😁

V.O: Namaste! Pass me your documents
Me: Hello Sir! *Passed him I-20, Passport & 12th result*
V.O: So I see you want to study Information Science. Tell me why?
Me: Umm sir, I have actually always been interested in computers and math since my childhood. However, it was only after learning to code in C++ and learning other stuffs such as HTML that I had decided that it would be an ideal career for me. Furthermore, as you may already know, IT has been one of the most rapidly growing sector in Nepal, so a degree in this field would lead to an ideal career for me. 
(To be entirely honest, my preparation was sub par at beat and this is "literally" the most cliche answer one could give for this question) 
V.O: How many universities did you apply to?
Me: *smiling* 18
V.O: List the ones that you were accepted into.
Me: Umm, there's University of Cincinnati, University at Arizona, Drexel University, Juniata College, & umm, University at Buffalo, sorry, SUNY Buffalo.

(According to you, do you think he would issue me a student visa based on our interaction so far?)


V.O: Okay, you have met the requirements for an F1 Visa. *Hands me my stuff back along with a green paper*
Me: *Frankly, a little bit shocked* Okay!

The entire interview lasted for around 40-45s.

My other details:

The scholarship is the maximum amount this University provides to an international student.

SAT : 1470 (EBRW - 690 & Maths - 780)
SAT Subject Tests: 2300
TOEFL: 113

Grade 9 & 10: 10/10 CGPA 
Grade 11: 83%

If you'd like to hear a tip for your interview, then here it is: be as honest and confident as you possibly can. They have years of experience of interacting with all sorts of individuals, so they'd probably find it out when you're not being honest or hiding something from them.

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Northern Kentucky University- F1 Visa Interview Experience from Nepal.

This is a student (F1) visa interview experience of Ashmita K.C from Nepal. She was rejected at first but was accepted next time.
F1 visa interview


Northern Kentucky University

Major: Computer and Information Science

Scholarship: $15000

C.O.A: $4,500 + $ 10,000

Status: Rejected

1st attempt was on 30th April, 2019

Nindra nalagera rati nai 1 baje byujheko thiye ani yeta uta gardai base. kati bela bihana hola ra ma Embassy pugam jasto vako thiyo. And it was my birthday on 30th April. Sab rituals haru pura garera takka rato tika lagayera (dashainma jastai) Embassy gaye. Mero interview chai 8:10 am ko thiyo ma chai 7:30am tira Embassy puge. Ani mero nervousness ko level ta badera 100 ma pugyo ekaichoti Embassy ma line basda. Sab procedure (Biometric, passport scanning) haru sakkiyo ani interview ko line ma base. Mero chai interview counter no. 8 ma thiyo, there was a preety lady with black short curls. Then, here starts my interview.

V.O: Namaste, Good morning.

Me: (Nervousness le garda reply pani garina maile.) 🤣🤣

V.O: Please, pass me your i 20, passport and transcript.

Me: Here you go, sir. ( jhukera sir vandexu 🤣🤣)

V.O: (Mero i 20 heryo) How many other universities did you apply beside N.K.U?

(First question nai sunena maile ani najik gayera sorry sir vandexu ani feri repeat garo question.)

Me: Mam, other than N.K.U I applied to 8 universities. UTA, U.L.M, Bethany Lutheran College, Coe College, The College of Wooster, (bichama ta ekxin soche ani feri vane) Auburn University at Montgomery, Lindenwood University, Hollins University.

VO: (Sab dhyan deyera sunirako thiyo) Oh! 8?

Me: Yes, mam.

V.O; Were you accepted to all the universities that you applied to?

Me: Yes, mam because I applied to all the universities according to my academic level.

V.O: Great. Okay tell me your future plan?

Me: Mam, After graduation I want to work at National Innovation Center which is lead by Dr. Mahabir Pun who is also a graduate from U.S. There I will get colleague like me which will help me to carry out my project. ( My mistake ma k vayera kam garxu ani kasto project carry garxu mention garena). Also, I will get a chance to sharpen my knowledge and skill there. And later on gaining some experience I want to open my own company. ( Malai chai CS sodxa ani ma mention garxu vaneko ta reject gardiyo).

V.O: ( ekxin mero mukh ma twalla heryo ) and then sorry I can't issue a visa.

Ani ma yellow paper liyera niske I felt so bad at that moment. 1 ra 2 ma golo laideko thiyo.

2nd attempt was on 28 May, 2019.

Status: Approved

Aja chai ma majja sutexu bihana 4 baje byujhey ani 7 baje tira Embassy gaye. Sabbai procedure sakera interview ko line ma base.

Counter no.6 ma mero interview vayo with tall hancy V.O. He was in his mid 30's.

V.O: Good morning, pass me your i 20, transcript and passport.

Me: (Gm ko baal nai nade documents haru deye.)

V.O: Oh! Computer and Information Science. It's a huge program.

Me: Yes, sir.

V.O: Why this major?

Me: Well, sir I want to be a computer sorry sorry Cyber Security Analyst. Ani maile ta sir I am so nervous vandexu.

V.O: I know it happens. Don't worry with a big laugh.Okay, What do you want to do with this major?

Me: Sir, I want to work in top IT companies here in Nepal, most of the IT companies are doing very good business. There are a lot of software developer but the number of security analyst is very low so I want to be the one sir. (Ani tespachi yad garera gako ky aako thiyena dimag ma k k ayo tei vandey. V.O ta makkha parirako mero ans sunera).

V.O: (transcript heryo ani) You have studies Computer in 11th standard? ( makkha pareko thiyo, V.O lai k tha Nepal ko 11ko computer kasto hunxa vanera dherai marks nai tesaima aauxa sabko).

Me: Yes, sir.

V.O: Very good. Which other universities did you apply to?

Me: Sabko name vandeye.

VO: Did you recently filled D.V?

Me; (DV ta sune tara haina hola yo question vanera feri confirm huna sorry sir vane. V.O le repeat garyo.) No sir. with a huge laugh.

V.O: What about your parents?

Me: Aaile ta jhan thulo sor le hasera NO sir.

V.O: Okay let me check.

Me: Okay sir.( Maile D.V ta varya thene so ma dhukka nai thiye yo question ma)

V.O: Oh! It was not you.

I laughed.

V.O: Have you done any course related to CS?

Me; No, sir but I have done online course name udemy it is about programming. (Yo chai guff ho hae) 🤣🤣

V.O: Computer ma k k type garyo for 1 min ani passport nikerala sign garyo. Okay, girl I am issuing a visa go to counter no. 11 and pay $200 vanyo.

Tips: Lie with confidences and take your luck with you.

Thank you everyone who helped me after my rejection. And I encourage all the rejected student to try again. Thank you Aryan Shrestha, Row Sun, Gaurav Thapa, Rozna Khadka, Suzata Khatri, Prajina Bastakoti, Ann Nuu dee, Sushanta Manandhar, Laxman Sir, Rajan Shrestha, GunJan Gurung and specially my family. 

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F1 Visa interview Experience from Nepal-Kent State University.

f1 visa interview experience
Visa Experience
Status: Approved
Kent State University
Major: Biotechnology
Family Funds for C.O.A(according to I 20): 26 K
Reached the Embassy at around 7:45.
Then entered the gate. Ani usual formality and checking vaihalyo. 
Line ma basda sab ko answers sunirako thyo. Ani yellow paper paayeko applicants dekhera I was damn scared. And a friend said, "tyo reject vako haru ma focus nagara. Reciprocal fee tirdai gareko haru lai hera." 
That thought gave me the confidence.
Ani V.O haru le elderly aama haru lai questions sodheko ekdum cute laageko thyo.😂 That Nepali accent.
So I got the counter number 7. The one with African American man. From the Visa Info Session the day before, I knew that he was a cheerful person. So, felt quite relieved to be in that counter because I knew that it would be a light atmosphere around him.
The conversation goes like this.
Me: Good morning, Sir. 
V.O: Pass me your I 20 and transcript. 
Me: Here you go. 
V.O: So, why do you want to study biotechnology? 
Me: Umm... I want to specialize in plant biotechnology. Do you know what Cordyceps are? 
V.O: (after a pause) Yeah...?
Me: So you should know that they are found in Himalayas of Nepal. They have great medicinal value and China is the biggest importer of this species. Due to this, they have high economic value as well.(interrupted...)
(Due to high economic value, there have been over-harvesting of this species. We are loosing an important asset for the country's economy just because we aren't able to conserve them well enough. It was my dream since I was a kid, to work for their conservation. So biotechnology would give me the base for that plan.... vanna laagya thiye)
V.O:(interrupted) *said something I didn't understand.
Me: Sir, let me explain.
V.O: I don't want to listen about cordyceps and China. 
Me: Please sir.
V.O: (again said something like "No" I don't remember exactly)
Me: Ah okay then. (I annoyed this man. Now RIP my VISA😭😭. Vanne laagirathyo.)
V.O: What do you want to do after you graduate?
Me: I want to work as (biological technician... vanna laagya thiye. Tongue slip vayera "plant technician vanexu. I don't know if that term even exists. ðŸ˜‚lol) plant technician in Manaslu Conservation Area which runs under National Trust for Nature Conservation and it receives annual fund of about 2 million dollars every year(yo chai guff ho haii😂). It has been working for the conservation since last 20 years. And it focuses on aromatic and herbal species of Himalayan region, INCLUDING cordyceps. (I was stressed on this part) And you can sense my interest in cordyceps. So yeah, this is my Vision for the future.

V.O: Who is going to fund for your education?
ME: Well, my parents are gonna do that. We own two family business (and explained it).(euta guff nai thiyo) So altogether, we get around $42,000 annually.
V.O: Okay, you qualify for the Visa. You can pay your fees now.
Me: Am I getting that green paper?(I was confused)
He laughed. ðŸ˜¶
Rabindra helped me the most during this journey. Right from preparing for SAT to the very end. Eliza and her creative suggestions worked for my confidence. I annoyed Shashwat dai with all the common app and university shortlisting stuffs and he helped. Bishad had no idea how to help but still gave me all the suggestions he could.😂 and NimeshShruti, and whoever took my mock interview, huge thanks to all of you. And nothing could have happened without this USVNS family. Thank you everyone.
Honestly, what I say is, Focus on what you have to say. Believe that the plan you're going to say is your biggest goal and you really want to achieve it. If you can convince yourself that, you can convince the V.O. I don't know if I maintained eye contact, or spoke loudly. I was not focusing on that part at all. All I had in my mind was, "I won't let this man reject my Visa just because I couldn't tell him whatever I had planned. I'll force him to listen even if he doesn't want to."
And that's all.

Take interview as a debate. In fact in this debate, your opponent(the V.O) also wants you to win until you give him a reason otherwise.
Best of luck everyone. Don't lose hope

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You need to have these 5 skills for your successful abroad study.

skills successful abroad life

Okay, lets say you have got your visa and landed on your dream country. What's next? Have you set your goals for success? Are you active to your environment?
In this article, we will be talking about the specific set of skills that are required for a successful abroad life.

1) Communication:
                Communication is one of the vital skills you need during your abroad stay. You need to learn their styles or patterns of communications which could be totally different from yours. No one is going to talk to you in your native language once you land on their place. You need to communicate not only in your university but also at workplace. The ability to communicate with your friend, colleagues, superiors, teachers is essential. Good communication skills will help you get hired, land promotions and be successful throughout your career.
                  Here are some of the communication skills you need to develop for a successful career.
  a) Reading.
  b) Listening.
  c) Speaking.
  d) Writing.
         -Technical Writings.

2) Self-Confidence:
                   Everyone gets nervous and bit confused for the very first time landing on another country. But you need to stay cool, confident and ready to face whatever life throws at you. Probably, due to new environment and constant challenges, people start underestimating themselves but once you adopt the environment you'll become more independent and confident.

3) Problem-Solving:
                 Due to new environment, you may face different challenges and problems. You need to know how to deal with them and keep managing them because there won't be your mom helping with it. 

4) Adaptability:
               There will be numerous unfamiliar situations due to new environment. At university, work and in everyday life, there will be many times you’ll have to change your way, and learn the new rules as you go.  Some do this very quickly, allowing them to enjoy their time studying abroad from very early on. Others may initially take longer; however, the more they move and challenge themselves, the more easily they adjust.  Some of the things you need to adopt while staying abroad are:
a) Weather
b) Food
c) Laws
d) Currency
e) Traditions
f) Friends
g) Transportation

5) Teamwork and Networking:
               You are not going to do everything by your own. You need a proper team and a proper network between them. Successful networking can open the door to unexpected opportunities and maintaining good relations make you feel motivated and confident. It reduces your complexities during your studies and works. 

Besides these, you need to answer some of the questions for a successful abroad life.
1) Do you take your time for a granted?
2) Can you face rejections?
3) Are you improving day by day?
4) Are you being productive?
5) Do you always keep up and deliver on your words and commitment?

Start developing yourself. Start working hard. Start taking Extreme Ownership of your actions!